The Green Market Agorist

The Green Market Agorist is a multimedia project of writer, activist, and organizer Logan Marie Glitterbomb, which focuses on agorism, voluntaryism, panarchism, solarpunk, social ecology, green markets, and the circular and sharing economies in addition to related topics such as community defense, prepping, self-sufficiency, sustainability, police and prison abolition, security culture, anti-fascism, banking, and entrepreneurship among others, through articles, videos, podcasts, and more.

Logan Marie Glitterbomb

Logan Marie Glitterbomb is a writer, activist, and community organizer who discovered anarchism through the punk scene before getting involved in labor organizing with the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) shortly before the launch of the Occupy Wall Street movement where she got her first crash course in community organizing by helping to launch Occupy St. Augustine as well as aiding Occupy Jacksonville and Occupy Gainesville.

Shortly after, she joined the Kairos Kollective, helped to organize the Flagler Student Union at Flagler College, and helped launch the Glitterbomb Collective which is where she earned her name. As part of the Glitterbomb Collective, she helped to launch a local radical news ‘zine titled Pink&Black for which she served as a writer and editor.

After relocating to Gainesville, Florida, she began volunteering at the 2nd longest running radical infoshop in the so-called united states, The Civic Media Center, where she eventually became one of the few paid employees helping to do events promotion, and even helped run a collective cafe inside the shop known as the Radical Press Coffee Collective.

Since then, she has helped to launch the Gainesville chapter of the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee (IWOC) of the IWW, as well as Gainesville chapters of the Pink Pistols and Redneck Revolt, the latter of which helped to run the Gainesville Free Store which was eventually taken over by TranQuility, a trans support group, after Redneck Revolt fell apart nationally.

She has also worked with the Libertarian Party and the wider libertarian movement, helping to found the Libertarian Anti-Fascist Committee and the Libertarian Socialist Caucus.

In 2018, with the help of her partner and the co-founder of the Sex Worker Solidarity Network and the Restorative Justice Coalition, Syd Eastman, as well as folks from IWOC, Fight Toxic Prisons, and Divest UF, she helped to launch Occupy Prisons Gainesville which successfully ended the use of prison slave labor by the government in Alachua County, making it the first county in Florida to do so.

As a freelance writer, her pieces have been published by Center for a Stateless Society, the Industrial Worker, Counterpunch, Earth First! Journal, Cop Block, Infoshop.org, Libcom.org, It’s Going Down, and many others.

Currently, she works as a Fellow and writer for the Center for a Stateless Society and owns an agorist environmentally conscious housecleaning business, Eco-Clean, where she makes her own cleaning supplies and offers sliding scale rates and makes and sells holistic hygiene, health, and cleaning products with her friend Indigo through her store, Indigo Magic. Logan splits her time between Florida and her home state of Louisiana where she is working to build an off-grid communal homestead, Coup de Main, where her and her friends can retire and organize.