Happy Bitcoin Pizza Day!

Since that first public Bitcoin transaction back in 2010, Bitcoin – and cryptocurrency in general – has come a long way. This year, let’s make it go even further!

Since Standing Rock, there has been a call to divest from banks which helped to fund the Dakota Access Pipeline. This call has grown to include those banks which have invested in other pipelines as well and this divestment campaign has also since joined others such as the movement to divest from private prisons and prison slavery, as well as the BDS movement against the Israeli warfare state.

While these movements have targeted universities, colleges, state and federal governments, and private institutions for their investments in these ventures, the original call still stands: divest from the banks that help to fund these projects.

While credit unions, smaller local banks, or even public banks may offer some benefits over the big banks, only cryptocurrency truly allows oneself to control their own finances without third party interference or manipulation.

That is why The Green Market Agorist is announcing the #DivestWallStreet movement. The plan is, starting today, to invest at least $1 a day into whatever cryptocurrency you prefer.

This gradual shift allows newcomers a chance to get familiar with the world of cryptocurrency without having to dive in all at once. Eventually the goal is for participants to be in a place a year from now where they will be able to conduct a majority of their transactions in cryptocurrency. It’s honestly a lot easier than one might think!


Of course you may have trouble deciding which cryptocurrencies to dabble in, but thankfully CoinPayments has you covered. They allow you to send and receive over 100+ different cryptocurrencies all from one account! You can sign up here: https://www.coinpayments.net/index.php?ref=f26aa0be0502b730cd91c7df872a228a

Happy Bitcoin Pizza Day!


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