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Unfortunately there will be no episode of the Green Market Agorist podcast this month for a number of reasons but we plan to return next month. Until then, you can feel free to check out my recent appearance on James Weeks’ Podcast Titles Are A Spook which ironically was released on the same day we’d normally release the GMA podcast. Couldn’t have planned it better myself. Enjoy!

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Demystifying Left Minarchism

Understanding Democratic Socialism
By Logan Marie Glitterbomb

When talking about right libertarianism, many associated with those circles are quick to point out the varying factions of the libertarian movement. The simplest and most well known division is that between the anarchists and minarchists. On the anarchist side, you have your natural rights ancaps, consequentialist ancaps, agorists, individualist anarchists, free market anarchists, geo-anarchists, synthesis anarchists, and a myriad of other variations. On the minarchist side you have classical liberals, constitutionalists, paleolibertarians, Republican-lights, etc.

With the ground gained by the #BottomUnity campaign, a lot more right libertarians are getting exposed to left libertarianism and yet not understanding that there are just as many variations. While historically, libertarianism, especially in leftist circles, has been synonymous with anarchism, that isn’t always the case. Most are familiar with the anarchist variations such as anarcho-communism, anarcho-socialism, anarcho-collectivism, anarcho-syndicalism, mutualism, anarcho-primitivism, individualist anarchism, and free market anarchism, but few are familiar with the traditions of left minarchism.

Yes, left minarchism is a thing and it can take many forms including democratic confederalism, Luxembourgism, council communism, communalism, libertarian ecosocialism, democratic socialism, liberaltarianism, etc. While council communism and Luxembourgism largely remain obscure and irrelevant tendencies in modern political organizing, especially in the so-called united states, we can look towards the autonomous territory of Rojava and groups in the so-called united states such as the Green Party, Democratic Socialists of America, Our Revolution, Justice Democrats, and the Democratic Freedom Caucus for examples of left minarchism in action.

The Green Party has been the staple leftist third party for a long time now. It was co-founded by many anarchists, including current GP presidential candidate Howie Hawkins, a self-proclaimed libertarian municipalist and anarcho-communist known for drafting the original Green New Deal and for his work with Murray Bookchin. The Green Party continues to boost anarchist voices to this day. Similarly to the Libertarian Party, however, not all party members or founders are anarchists. While the Green Party has always identified as libertarian, some veer on the more minarchist side, but instead of seeing the only function of the state as being those laid out in the constitution or even more minimally, the nightwatchman state (i.e. police, courts, prisons, and militaries), they often see the main function of the state to be welfare functions while usually advocating the abolition of police, prisons, and sometimes even the military.

The DSA is in a very similar boat to the Green Party in that it is a mixture of anarchists and minarchists on the libertarian end. They have more minarchist-leaning demsocs, Greens, and Berniecrats among their ranks while also having an explicitly anarchist Libertarian Socialist Caucus. The difference is that the DSA also has some decidedly non-libertarian members as well, including the old guard liberals who kept the organization going between its Socialist Party origins and its current incarnation. Many of these came from the Bernie movement after it began falling in line with the Democratic Party and endorsing every corporate candidate they put up while continuously bashing third parties. Thankfully most of them are being pushed out post-Bernie. Now the threats tend to be younger liberal-apologists and tankies. Despite their inclusion, the DSA still currently leans predominantly libertarian and has endorsed prison abolition, fossil fuel divestment, and drug and sex work decriminalization among other platform planks. They also have many amazing direct action campaigns, most famously their Gimme a Brake (Light) clinics they hold nationwide where they replace peoples’ brake lights for free since broken brake lights are one of the number one reasons for people being harassed by the police while driving.

Our Revolution and the Berniecrat movement more generally is very similar in makeup to the DSA. You have everyone from more left-leaning liberal statists who believe voting and reform is enough to left anarchists focused towards harm reduction and outreach. While Bernie’s policies themselves largely publicly lean social democrat rather than democratic socialist, many left minarchist types latched onto his campaign anyway due to his higher possibility of winning and position as the supposed harm reduction vote. In spite of his campaign being merely a watered down version of the Green Party or even true democratic socialist politics, he still has been a strong advocate against corporate welfare, mass incarceration, the drug war, mass surveillance, student debt, and environmental destruction, and has inspired others to run for office on even more radical platforms such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) who has called explicitly for prison abolition and the abolition of ICE.

The Justice Democrats, co-founded by AOC as an anti-corporate Democratic caucus, is one outgrowth of this effect. As such, it is not strictly libertarian but tends to attract libertarian-leaning individuals. The Squad, made up of AOC, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, and Rashida Tlaib, have all backed each other in calling for states to stop using the police and court systems to force evictions and calling for a moratorium on state-owned utility shut offs and mortgage payments to the banksters during the COVID-19 pandemic, freeing of non-violent offenders from prison, and calling for the enactment of a UBI.

The Democractic Freedom Caucus tends to be more closely aligned with liberaltarianism of a classical liberal and Georgist influence. Typically they are for the decriminalization of drugs and sex work, ending foreign wars and reducing the military, strong privacy rights, gun rights, land-value tax, reducing mass incarceration, etc. but tend to lean more towards capitalist economics and tend to be fusionists similar to a left-of-center version of the Republican-lights. While largely removed from the rest of the minarchist libertarian left, occasionally you will have some overlap between them and the DSA/Berniecrat/Justice Democrat crowd over candidates such as 2008 Libertarian and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Mike Gravel and 2020 presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard who received the endorsements of Ron Paul, Gary Johnson, and Mike Gravel (who made a dual endorsement of her and Bernie Sanders after he ended his campaign).

While #BottomUnity may be easy for anarchists who all envision a voluntary stateless society regardless of their differing economic and political beliefs, left and right minarchists will likely have a much more difficult time reconciling their differences. And yet we have still seen glimpses of unity. Ralph Nader and Dennis Kucinich historically formed alliances with Ron Paul on areas of civil liberties. Right minarchist libertarian Judge Andrew Napolitano has called Nader one of his favorite politicians and has praised and interviewed him on his show on Fox News. The Green Party and the Libertarian Party have worked together on ballot access and used to attend each others’ events and have a lot more crossover during the early alliance of the Old Right and New Left that inspired the modern american libertarian movement. Murray Bookchin spoke at both GP and LP events, libertarian presidential candidate Russell Means endorsed Ralph Nader, etc. The LP’s Libertarian Socialist Caucus is making inroads with the DSA’s LSC. Hell, even left minarchist-leaning politicians such as AOC and Bernie Sanders sometimes find themselves fighting alongside the likes of Thomas Massie and Justin Amash.

It’s a messy world out there and the fight against the corporate state ends up attracting libertarians of all kinds. From anarchist to minarchist, left to right, it’s time we stopped strawmanning each other and genuinely learned about each others’ politics and where we agree and differ and form alliances accordingly. If anarchists and minarchists on either side can put off their differences to form tactical alliances and left and right anarchists can do the same, then so can right and left minarchists to varying degrees. I’m not saying the alliance will not be without its pains and disagreements but I do think if we come to it with open hearts and minds, we can learn a lot from each other and find new paths forward which better fit the concerns and meet the needs of all libertarians on the path towards diminishing the size of the state and its control over our lives.

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Arrested? Tilted Scales Collective Has Resources To Help Fight Back

By Tilted Scales Collective

The Following Report From The Tilted Scales Collective Offers Resources To Those Who Have Been Arrested Following The Recent Rebellion.

We want to extend tremendous solidarity to everyone protesting the murder of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, and the centuries of police violence that preceded their deaths. White supremacy is a hallmark of policing, and we support a diversity of tactics in the struggle to dismantle this brutal system.

If you are facing criminal legal charges stemming from recent actions in the past week, you are not alone!

Our collective aims to be a resource for radicals and rebels facing criminal charges, as well as the lawyers representing them. You can find us at tiltedscalescollective.org or on Instagram/Twitter at @_TiltedScales.

We have a few *free* resources available for people who are facing charges:

Need help finding a lawyer? Check out the referral directory from the National Lawyers Guild, or the list of chapters  on their website.

Want to strategize with comrades about setting legal, political, and personal goals? Drop us a line at tiltedscales [at] riseup [dot] net or tiltedscales [at] protonmail [dot] com.

Join the call to divest from the state and the banking system which subsidize and protect mass incarceration and prison slavery by switching to cryptocurrency today. Take the pledge to exchange at least $1 per day into your choice of altcoin and help #DivestWallStreet

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This Week In Fascism #62: Vigilantes, Police, And National Guard Kill Protesters As Trump Calls For More Military

By This Week In Fascism

Welcome, fellow antifascists!

This week, we’ve got info on Trump’s push for a crackdown which has already led to several deaths and massive amounts of violence, antifascists keeping the far-Right out of anti-police protests, Trump yet again threatening to declare “ANTIFA” a domestic terrorist group, and doxxes of League of the South, neo-Nazi ReOpen protesters, and the “Ramble Racist” herself, Amy Cooper.

Without further ado, let’s begin!


Protesters Shot Dead By Vigilantes, Police And Military As Trump Threatens To Invoke The Insurrection Act

With rising rebellion in the streets, Donald Trump is threatening to flood US cities with military troops by invoking the “Insurrection Act” of 1807, a rule which essentially “federalizes” the National Guard and allows the use of military personnel, theoretically at the request of state governors. The act has been invoked in few instances, most recently at the request of then California Governor Pete Wilson to quell the LA Rebellion in 1992.

On Monday, in a speech that attacked “thugs,” “anarchists,” and “antifa,” Trump called on US state governors to “dominate” their populations by enforcing curfews through use of the national guard. If they refused to do so, he stated he would use the Insurrection Act to deploy the military. So far this call has largely been rejected by Democratic Governors and top Republicans, as well as some at the Pentagon, who have expressed reservations at Trump’s provocative strategy.

As Trump has predictably made the situation even more violent by giving a green light to police, military, and vigilante violence, several people have been killed during the revolt. The first was one young person who was shot and killed at the start of the rebellion by the owner of a pawn shop in Minneapolis with another dying in Detroit after being shot by someone from a truck.

According to NPR:

One person was killed in Detroit as hundreds of people gathered in the city’s downtown area as part of the nationwide protests. As WXYZ TV, an ABC News affiliate, reported, a Detroit Police Department spokesperson said, “A grey Dodge Durango pulled up and fired into the crowd, striking a 19-year-old man.” The shooting did not involve police.

In Omaha, Nebraska:

James Scurlock, a 22-year-old black man, was shot and killed outside a bar in Omaha, Nebraska, on Saturday night, while participating in a protest against police brutality sparked by the recent police killings of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. According to local news outlets, the man who shot him, a white local bar owner named Jake Gardner, was brought in for questioning then released. On Monday, law enforcement announced that Gardner would not be charged in the killing.

BuzzFeed News reports that, according to local news outlets, Scurlock allegedly broke a bar window during the protest on Saturday — though many on social media dispute this — and that Gardner used racial slurs before firing. Scurlock was transported to the Nebraska Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.

In Austin, Texas:

Austin police critically injured a 20-year-old black protester Sunday when an officer shot him with “less-lethal” ammunition during a weekend filled with Texas demonstrations and violence, according to police Chief Brian Manley. Video also shows officers shooting at the people trying to get medical attention for the protester, whose name was not released.

Finally in Louisville, Kentucky:

David McAtee, who turned his talent for food into a popular West End eatery, was shot and killed by law enforcement officers early Monday morning, an incident that’s now under state, local and federal investigation.

McAtee, the owner of YaYa’s BBQ in western Louisville, was known as a “community pillar,” said his mother, Odessa Riley.

“He left a great legend behind. He was a good person. Everybody around him would say that,” she said. “My son didn’t hurt nobody. He didn’t do nothing to nobody.”

Riley was among the hundreds who had swarmed the corner of 26th and Broadway Monday where Louisville police and National Guard personnel were breaking up a “large crowd” that had gathered in the parking lot outside a Dino’s Food Mart, according to law enforcement officials.

LMPD Chief Steve Conrad said in a statement that someone shot at police and officers and soldiers “returned fire,” killing McAtee.

This is to say nothing of the slew of attempted vehicular murders that have taken place at many of the demonstrations, growing amount of white vigilante gangs, and the numerous bloody attacks that demonstrators have faced at the hands of the police.

Far-Right Attempts To Join Anti-Police Protests Across The Country, Leading To Disinformation From Both Liberals And Conservatives

Anti-police protests broke out in Minneapolis – and across the US – this week, after Officer Derek Chauvin killed George Floyd, a 46-year-old Black resident of Minnesota, by kneeling on his neck for nearly nine minutes, despite the fact that he was already in handcuffs and laying on his stomach. “Please, I can’t breathe,” Floyd was filmed telling the four officers present, moments before his death.

On Tuesday night, protesters gathered in front of police headquarters, where they were met with tear gas. Independent media outlet Unicorn Riot livestreamed the protest. The protest kicked off a wave of anti-police protests across the country. And the Booglaloo boys, a group of loosely affiliated preppers, militias, and white nationalists – hoping for a civil war with the US government, immediately attempted to insert themselves into the protests – albeit in very small numbers.

Two men who referred to themselves as “armed rednecks” were warmly profiled by Newsweek, calling them “Minnesota citizens equipped with guns.” Those men were revealed by Berkeley Collective Safety as being Cory Rushlo and Michael Solomon, adherents of the rising Boogaloo movement. On his Facebook page, Solomon uses a fashwave “We are Duncan Lemp” graphic as his header image, referring to the Three Percenter militia member killed by police during a weapons seizure in March.

Eugene Antifa revealed another Boogaloo adherent, Tyler Olson, of Coon Rapids, Michigan, attended the Minneapolis protest carrying a flag featuring an igloo and palm tree, popular symbols of the Boogaloo movement. (After social media companies started cracking down on the word “boogaloo,” adherents found near homonyms for the word, including “big igloo” and “big luau,” which added igloos, Hawaiian shirts, and to a lesser degree, palm trees as symbols for the movement.)

On Wednesday night, the North Carolina-based “Blue Igloo” group showed up in Minneapolis, as well. Antifascists documented their presence on Twitter to warn the community. The Blue Igloo group was last seen at a ReOpen rally in Raleigh in early May, where Perry T. Whitlock carried a three-foot pipe wrench, making Sieg Heil gestures and threatening a Black couple walking their infant child, saying, “I can get you from here.”

As documented by Robert Evans and Jason Wilson for Bellingcat, Boogaloo Facebook group admins have been telling their followers to attend the protests and attempt to make common cause with the protesters.

However, this entryism from the far-Right has been manipulated by establishment politicians, both liberal and conservative, blaming property damage and looting on anything (including white nationalists) other than anger about police violence. Threats from the far-Right are also being used to scare people off the streets.

For instance in Lancaster:

Lancaster officials on Monday morning urged local residents to temporarily stay home rather than protest, saying armed outsiders incited weekend clashes with police and may plan further harm.

“I am very concerned … Please, please, please do not bring your children downtown,” Mayor Danene Sorace said. “We have seen with our own eyes the agitators that were in the crowd.”

Police Chief Jarrad Berkihiser said police have “definite evidence” that white nationalist groups were among the crowds of people who demonstrated over the weekend in response to the death of George Floyd during an arrest in Minneapolis. He said some were wearing body armor and carrying handguns.

These narratives have bled into supposed threats of “outside agitators.” In St. Paul, Mayor Melvin Carter told a press conference that, “Every single person we arrested last night, I’m told, was from out of state,” in an obvious lie.

President Donald Trump echoed this false claim on Twitter. “80% of the RIOTERS in Minneapolis last night were from OUT OF STATE. They are harming businesses (especially African American small businesses), homes, and the community of good, hardworking Minneapolis residents who want peace, equality, and to provide for their families,” he wrote.

This disinfo was then amplified when the Minnesota Governor Tim Walz stated, “I think our best estimate of what we heard are about 20 percent are Minnesotans, and 80 percent are outside,” during a Saturday press conference. Walz would go on to claim that “outside protesters, white supremacists and drug cartels were part of the protest groups in Minneapolis.”

However, an investigation from local news outlet KARE 11 found that out of 36 arrests for “rioting, unlawful assembly and burglary-related crimes” for a 24-hour period on Friday and Saturday night, 86% were in-state residents. Despite this, the Boston Mayor Marty Walsh repeated the conspiracy theory on Twitter regarding protests in his own city. “I am angered, however, by the people who came into our city and chose to engage in acts of destruction and violence, undermining their message,” Walsh tweeted on Sunday night.

Spreading this sort of propaganda about “outside agitators” dates back to the Civil Rights Movement, when supporters of segregation claimed that Black activists were actually being controlled by northern white liberals. Such propaganda not only attempts to sow racial division within a multi-racial group of protesters, but denies the agency of radical organizers of color.

Many protest participants who spoke to It’s Going Down were adamant that while the threat of far-Right violence was very real and militia members and Proud Boys have been seen at various demonstrations, these individuals seem very isolated and disorganized; however there have been some exceptions, such as a mobilization of armed Proud Boys who faced off with Black Lives Matter demonstrators in Salem.

Unite The Right Organizers Hit With Fines For Not Producing Evidence

Matthew Heimbach, Elliott Kline, and Vanguard America were hit with fines this week, as a result of repeated noncompliance with producing evidence demanded in Sines v. Kessler, a lawsuit seeking to hold the organizers of Unite the Right accountable for the violent rally.

The organizers were ordered to pay a total of $41,300 in costs after repeated refusing to produce evidence demanded by the court.

Heimbach claims to have renounced his Nazi past, but is currently working with Light Upon Light, an organization that claims to be anti-hate, but frequently collaborates with The Clarion Project, an organization designate as an anti-Muslim hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. The Clarion Project was cited as an inspiration by Norweigan mass shooter Anders Breivik, shortly before he murdered 77 people in 2011.

Trump Seeks To Declare “ANTIFA” A Domestic Terrorist Group

“The United States of America will be designating ANTIFA as a Terrorist Organization,” President Donald Trump tweeted on Sunday.

Attorney General William Barr issued a press release blaming the current anti-police protests on “Antifa and other similar groups.”

Many commentators quickly pointed out that there is no one such group as “ANTIFA,” and that antifascist groups are locally and collectively organized.

However, that vague description, coupled with Barr’s “and other similar groups” qualifier, means that the government could use this new directive to declare anyone opposed to fascism to be “ANTIFA” and begin an investigation.

Reporters Kelly Weill and Spencer Ackerman covered the implications of the proposed designation for The Daily Beast.

“[Former FBI Agent Mike] German said he expected high-level pressure on the FBI and JTTFs to result in ‘aggressive investigation and selective prosecution against people the FBI labels with this umbrella term’ of anti-fascist—resources he expected would flow out of investigations of violent white supremacist or militia groups. The DHS did not immediately return a request for comment,” they wrote.

Organizers looking for a guide to digital security can consult the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s “Keeping Each Other Safe When Virtually Organizing Mutual Aid.”


Michael Jones aka Severian Gwylell aka Michael Bones aka Graf Vorlock of Sioux City, IA

Antifascist researchers CV Antifa uncovered the identity of neo-Nazi and the owner of Saturnine Ritual Productions. Saturnine Ritual Productions is a National Socialist (Nazi) Black Metal (NSBM) record label with ties to Atomwaffen Division and Tempel ov Blood. The label puts out music and merch for NSBM musical projects as well as promotes accelerationist ideology.

Tempel ov Blood is the American version of the Order of 9 Angles(O9A/ONA), a neo-Nazi satanist cult sect of the Attomaffen Division. Attomwaffen is a known neo-Nazi terrorist organization who’s members have been part of major arrests while planning large-scale terror attacks across the country. Leaders of ToB have been identified as leaders within Atomwaffen Division.

Jones’ record label Saturnine Ritual Productions recently released a tape through Tempel ov Blood’s publishing arm “Martinet Press” titled “White Night Suicide Choir” which featured samples from the Jonestown Massacre.

Mike frequently posts photos of himself with Martinet books and symbols and wears the “Order of 9 Angles” symbol around his neck. As is the case with many Atomwaffen affiliates, Jones is a fan of James Mason’s collection of newsletters, Siege.

Jones has a handful music projects of his own including: Death Wound, Rusalka, Cadaver Sanguine, Vhlk’h Dlaka, Anophthalmia, Funeral Song, vaerminum, and Nightstalker. Many of these projects are currently platformed on Bandcamp and CV Antifa is urging people to contact them to let them know they are platforming Nazi music. Bandcamp requires you to go to each individual band’s page and click the report link located on the lower right side.

CV Antifa are asking folks to report both Jones and his labels accounts. Follow this link to more information.

Gregory Flowers, Southern Nationalist in Clarksdale, Mississippi

Identify Dixie, southern antifascist researchers have identified groyper, Southern National and heir to the Flowers Plantation, Gregory Flowers of Clarksdale, Mississippi. Gregory has run a handful of social media accounts including: @/Gregorio_Based, but he also has @/dmgfjr22 (previously @/dmgfjr81).

Flowers’ posts are typically neo-Nazi dogwhistles like “HH” (or Heil Hitler), and even a blatent celebration of Hitler himself. He’s not shy about his antisemitism and hatred of Jewish people. Another popular antisemitic meme includes a reference of “6 gorillian” which is a joke in racist circles, and a belief that the number of Jewish people who died in the Holocaust, roughly 6 million, was inflated.

His bigotry goes beyond antisemitism. He also hates queer people, jokes about shooting and lynching them, and believes immigrants are non-people. He openly drives his opinion that he doesn’t want to “muddy the population” and is a proponent of violence as a solutionwhich is unsurprising given the fact that he wants “Boogaloo”, or race war.

Many of Flowers immediate family members are on twitter in case folks want to reach out.

Joshua Knarr, Right Wing Death Squad Member in Norristown PA

Antifascist researcher We Will Be Ruthless have identified Norristown, Pennsylvania resident and Right Wing Death Squad member Joshua Knarr. RWDS became a far-right meme in 2018, and in response to the popularity of the meme, a Facebook group was created. According to the dox, Knarr has been involved with the RWDSFacebook group since January 2020 and posts frequently.

In his posts, Knarr refers to Black people as “farm equipment”, makes jokes about Jewish people and the Holocaustreminisces about fascism and supports “rapewaffen”, a neo-Nazi accelerationist tactic that has been promoted by neo-Nazi groups like Atomwaffen as a way to send (accelerate, if you will) civilization into a race war.

His posts also include anti-Asian sentimentNazi nostalgia, and general racism and even mocks the murder of Ahmaud Arbery, who died at the hands of three white men. Knarr also participates in discussion around the indoctrination or “red-pilling” of younger people through Minecraft servers. He also occasionally posts memesthat originate in eco-fascist and accelerationist terrorist circles.

Joshua Knarr is currently employed at Envestnet, a wealth management firm. You are encouraged to contact them via their twitter account, as well as reaching out to Envestnet CEO Bill Cragerand President Stuart DePina. You can also reach out via email to the media relations team: media@envestnet.com.

Teagan Marrie LaPage, Neo-Nazi in New Hampshire

Antifascist researchers the Pacific NorthWest Youth Liberation Frontdiscovered the identity of TikTok neo-Nazi Teagan Teagan Marrie LaPage of New Hampshire. It’s nearly impossible to watch her videos and miss her collarbone swastika tattoo. She frequently conveys hateful and reactionary views on her social media, and includes other neo-Nazis.

Teagan works at Riverglen House Assisted Living Facility in Littleton, NH. You can contact them at gnovak@riverglenhouse.com or by calling (603) 444-8880 and let them know that nazis have no business serving vulnerable people.

Jason Hunter, League Of The South In Jacksonville, Florida

Antifascist researchers behind the twitter handle @F12_Molotov2020, with support from Identify Dixie identified Jacksonville, Florida resident and League of the South chapter member Jason Hunter. League of the South (LoS) is an SPLC-designated hate group that hates the federal government weaponizes Christianity to push an antisemitic and racist agenda.

In the video shown here, Jason is seen callously pepper-spraying a female protester in the face after she was punched repeatedly in the face and thrown to the ground by other LoS members at the 2017 Unite the Right rally which resulted in the murder of leftist activist Heather Hayer. Three days later another image circulated of Jason at that same event.

In the weeks that followed, Jason posted several photos of the event on his social media pages, glorifying the violence that took place. Jason has also commented on Tampa Bay’s League of the South Chairman, Andrew Tracey photos. Among the handful of commenters are other known white supremacists like Clinton McCook, Brandon Richie, and Andrew Tracey.

Months later, in October of 2017, Jason traveled out of state to attendanother white-supremacist rally indicating that he’s willing to spend time to make sure he is able to physically and financially support their bigoted agenda.

Jacksonville, FL residents should be on the lookout for Jason Hunter. If seen, please reach out to @F12_Molotov2020 on twitter.

Dalton Dixon aka “WarHippie” of McKinney, Texas

Sunny South Dallas antifascist researchers confronted Boogaloo Boy Dalton Dixon of McKinney, Texas at a Dallas protest in response to the murder of George Floyd. Dixon, who goes by “WarHippie” on telegram, posted a video of himself and another person to Dallas to attend the protest. In their reposting of the video, antifascist organizers Left Coast Right Watch describes Dixon as, “a committed nazi accelerationist with a gunsmithing degree.”

Minutes before the video was uploaded, Dixon also posted photos of his riot kit that included an AR-15, fatigues, plate carrier and helmet among other things. Another image indicates Dixon’s excitement for the riots. Dixon also posted the text “WHEN THE LOOTING STARTS THE SHOOTING STARTS” over and over again in telegram channel, referencing both President Donald Trump’s now hidden tweet from early Friday morning.

Sunny South Dallas were able to track down and confront Dixonabout who he is and what his motives for being there were. Dixon admitted to being “WarHippie” and after being followed for a bit, got back into his Mini Cooper and left. After being confronted and doxxed, Dixon took to telegram to announce that he’s swearing offcalls for violent action.

Boogaloo Bois are typical and vulnerable targets for what is known as “Stochastic Terrorism.” When a neo-Nazi like Dixon is doxxed and deplatformed, the messages and calls to violence are drastically reduced in terms of their audience. For more information on “Stochastic Terrorism,” follow this thread.

Robert Jones, Northern Guard in Canada

Active Board Member and Canadian Anti-Hate Network Founder Kurt Phillips recently identified former Virginia, and current Canadian resident Robert Jones. Jones has a history with a handful of white nationalist and neo-Nazi groups. He was first a member of the Soldiers of Odin (who are known for their anti-Muslim views) then the Proud Boys, and most recently, the Northern Guard, although Phillips speculates that Jones has since left them as well.

It’s indicated that during his time with the Northern Guard, he began to openly and overtly support fascism as indicated through screenshots of his social media posts. In his investigation of Jones, Phillips also discovered that Jones has made a sharp turn into the dangerous nihilism and accelerationism, typically associated with violent terrorist groups like Atomwaffen Division.

For perspective on just how radicalized Jones has become, here are two images. The first is an image of him standing next to Meir Weinstein in support the Jewish Defense League, and the other, a recent post where he references ZoG, or Zionist Occupied Government, a neo-Nazi dogwhistle. In an unsurprising move, Jones has voiced support for former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin, who is responsible for the murder of George Floyd. It’s worth noting that though we typically think of young white men as the targets of radicalization, in Jones’ case, radicalization can happen at any age if the conditions are right.

Chicago Police Officer Rob Bakker Exposed as Proud Boy

Chicago AFA doxxed Officer Rob Bakker, a member of the Proud Boys, a police officer with the Chicago Police Department in Chicago, Illinois. Antifascists researchers infiltrated the Proud Boy telegram channel “Fuck Antifa” and uncovered Bakker has been in regular contact with “Trigger” Tom Christiansen, a former Proud Boys chapter leader who is currently serving a prison sentence for stabbing someone at a Dropkick Murphey’s show in Northerly Island.

As indicated by Panic at the Discord, Trigger Tom was one of the main organizers of the anti-Kim Foxx Courthouse rally, which stands out as an event that united multiple far-Right groups, including Proud Boys and American Guard. It was rumored that they had worked with the Chicago Police Department in their organizing. This theory becomes much more practical given that Bakker, a Chicago Police Officer, was an active member in their chats.

Trigger Tom and Bakker weren’t just chat-mates though. As indicated here, Tom invited Officer Bakker to a barbeque at his home. In addition to his friendly ties with violent white-nationalist organizers, Bakker admits in the chat that he uses Chicago Police Departments resources and databases to investigate antifascist researchers and label them as terrorists.

Tess Owens from Vice News reported:

While Chicago Police Department members have a constitutional right to express their views under the First Amendment, they may be subject to discipline for violating the provisions of the Department’s social media policy,” he said.

The policy prohibits Chicago police department employees for posting content that’s disparaging to a person or group based on race, color, sex, gender identity, age, religion, disability, national origin, ancestry, sexual orientation, or any other legally protected class.

Under Chicago Police Department’s Rules of Conduct, police employees are prohibited from engaging in any action which “impedes the Department’s efforts to achieve its policy and goals or brings discredit upon the Department.

Bakker is currently being investigated by the Chicago Police Department.

Scott Butler, elder at the Covenant of Grace Bible Church in Edgewood, NM

On Thursday evening, as people gathered in Albuquerque, New Mexico to protest the murder of George Floyd, a man in a white truck, now identified as Scott Butler, plowed through a group of protesters.

He is an active member of his church, a fellowship that went so far as to write a letter to the community indicating their lack of support for gay and trans people wanting to marry.

For the archive of his dox, please visit Albuquerque & New Mexico AFA’s blog.

Justin Cardoso, ReOpen Protester and Red Devils Member, Massachusetts  

Antifascist researcher Antifash Gordon identified another REOPEN MA plague rally supporter and member of the Red Devil’s motorcycle gang as Justin Cardoso. The Red Devil’s are a 1% feeder club for the Hell’s Angels. The 1% designation comes from a quote that states that 99% of motorcyclists are law abiding citizens. Motorcycle gangs and clubs use the 1% designation to indicate that they are willing participants in criminal activities.

For context the Reopen protests in Massachusetts are jointly organized by the REOPEN MA Facebook page and Super Happy Fun America, sponsors of the August 2019 Straight Pride Parade. The REOPEN MA page is being run by David Morrissey, a neo-Nazi biker.

Cardosa was seen at a recent event wearing a Nazi Reichsadler pin. Cardoso is known to proudly wear Nazi gear. On his Facebook page, Cardoso also sports a “Support Your Local Whiteboy” t-shirt. For background on the use of  “Support Your Local Whiteboy”, you can read this. On his Facebook page, Cardoso shows off a t-shirt with the words “White Bikes Matter,” stylized with a Nazi SS lightning bolt.

The Hoodwoods online store where that t-shirt was purchased also sells a variety of neo-Nazi merchandise featuring the SS lightning bolts. The bolts are a common symbol among white-nationalist and neo-Nazi communities.

The Reopen MA protests are being co-organized by Super Happy Fun America, the same anti-gay far-right group that organized the Straight Pride Parade in August 2019. And Super Happy Fun America has always welcomed Nazis into their ranks.

So how can we fight back? Tell the employers of the organizers and supporters that we don’t tolerate hate. Tell the IUOE Local 4 about Justin Cardoso’s neo-Nazi ties. Nazis have no place in unions. Contact them here: https://iuoelocal4.org/contact-us/

Jordan Hourani, Super Happy Fun America, of Marlborough, MA

Another REOPEN MA protester has also been exposed as Jordan Hourani of Marlborough, MASuper Happy Fun America are longtime far-right organizers in New England. Last year, as “Resist Marxism,” they planned a violent attack on leftist protesters in Providence. After the chats were leaked, the press was so bad that they rebranded. For more on the rebranding of Resist Marxism into Super Happy Fun America, see this @DavidNeiwert piece from last year.

Hourani’s involvement with Super Happy Fun America dates back to the Straight Pride Parade in August 2019, where he dressed as a dinosaur to march with the group. Hourani also posed for a selfiewith Straight Pride Grand Marshall Milo Yiannopoulos. Yiannopoulos recently issued an “‘America First’ Reading List.” The list includes Revolt Against the Modern World, by self-described “super fascist” Julius Evola. Yiannopoulos’ reading list also included antisemitic forgery “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” long used to justify antisemitic violence.

On Twitter, Hourani follows far-right figures like Stefan Molyneux, banned from PayPal last year for promoting antisemitism, and Brittany Pettibone. Pettibone is engaged to far-right leader Martin Sellner, a far-right leader who corresponded with the Christchurch shooter.

Hourani’s recently been involved with staging the Reopen MA protests. In this photo from the 5/4 Reopen protest, he’s seen with Reopen organizer Brandon Navom, carrying equipment to set up the event. Here’s Hourani meeting with other 5/4 Reopen organizers prior to the start of the event. The man in the black hat is Brandon Sullivan, who threatened Black Lives Matter protesters in DC last year.

So what can you do to fight fascism today? Contact @CABEMTech(twitter linked here) and ask if they support their employee, Jordan Hourani, organizing the Reopen protests alongside neo-Nazis and anti-LGBTQ bigots. Their online contact form is here.

Jennifer Watson, Owner of JP Watson Interiors, Hits Protester With Car in Denver, Colorado

A woman drove a car through an anti-police protest in Denver, Colorado, this week, screaming and using middle finger gestures at the protesters, causing one man to have to jump onto to the hood of her car to avoid being struck. The incident was caught on video

After the man jumped off the hood of her car, the woman swerved right to hit him.

She was quickly identified by Colorado Springs Anti-Fascists as Jennifer Watson, owner of JP Watson Interiors, in Denver, Colorado. Watson has yet to be charged in connection with the incident.

Amy Cooper, The Former VP Of Investment Solutions At Franklin Templeton

As Christian Cooper, avid birder and New York City resident, was walking about in the Ramble (a special spot in Central Park known for the birds), he was met with a disruption of a dog off leash. New York City has a leash law requiring all dog owners to keep their pets leashed at all times.

Christian approached the dog’s owner, a woman we now know as Amy Cooper, and asked her politely to leash her dog, as the animal was destroying the vegetation and scaring the birds. In what we now know is absolutely typical for a white woman being confronted in any capacity by a Black person, she responded with vitriol by not only refusing to leash her dog, but by threatening to call the police and falsely report that she was “being threatened by a Black man in Central Park!

Christian continued to engage calmly and politely while recording the interaction on his cell phone. Once posted, the video went instantly viral. Community members and antifascist researchers were swift to identify her and calls to action went out. In less than 24 hours, concerned citizens shut down Amy’s former employers website, Franklin Templeton, and she was put on leave and then fired. Without the incredible work of the community, it’s quite likely she would have faced zero consequences at all.

Threatening a Black man by saying you’ll lie to the police and tell them he was threatening you is threatening his life. Threatening to call the cops on Black people is just threatening to have them murdered. You’re just outsourcing your violence to the state and you’re just as bad as the heavily armed Nazi groups we hunt every day.

Seriously, just don’t call the cops on Black people.

Your call to action is to do a little dance and be reminded that we have collective power. Now more than ever.

Who protects us?

We protect us.

Be well, comrades.

Support Our Prisoners

  • Support Gage Halupowski! Currently serving a six year sentence. More info here.
  • Support David Campbell! Currently serving a year. More info here.
  • Support Eric King! Anarchist and antifascist prisoner who has been targeted by the State and neo-Nazi inmates for being ‘ANTIFA.’ More info hereDonate here.

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Back Starbucks Baristas Losing Hazard Pay: Phone-Blast Now Until Monday

By Anonymous Contributor

Stand Behind Starbucks Baristas Who Are In Danger Of Losing Their Hazard Pay As Starbucks Pushes To ‘ReOpen’ Stores To The Public, Putting Workers In Greater Danger Of Contracting The Coronavirus.

This is a call for a phone-zap campaign against Starbucks as they take away hazard pay from workers while they re-open stores back up to the public. Not only will this mean increased work for less money as Starbucks has unrolled a new app, but it will put Starbucks workers at greater risk of contracting COVID-19. 


At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Starbucks offered it’s employees the option of either taking paid time off or continuing to work with a temporary $3 raise. For many Starbucks workers who rely on multiple jobs, this $3 was enough to keep them working while much of the economy shut down. But now, the option to take time off has ended and the temporary $3 raise is set to end on June 1st. As Starbucks prepares to open its doors to the public, they are simultaneously removing compensation for the dangers faced when working during a global pandemic. Not only does this leave workers physically vulnerable to the virus, but with the economy still in shambles, it puts workers in danger of not being able to afford food or housing.

Phone Script:

Hi, my name is (your name here). I’m a concerned member of the community calling on behalf of Starbucks Partners to demand their hazard pay benefits be extended past June 1st. With the risks related to the COVID pandemic, asking partners to continue to work without additional compensation is unfair and cruel and these benefits should be extended at least until the end of the pandemic. Thank you for hearing our concerns. 

Phone Numbers To Call:

  • Customer service line: 1 (800) 782-7282
  • Alternate number: 1-800-23-LATTE

Make Noise On Social Media: 

Sample Message:Hey @Starbucks, give your workers the pay they deserve! Starbucks partners deserve safety AND fair pay! Extend the Hazard Pay!

Contact these accounts: 

When you’re done, please email starbuxsolidaritymovement@protonmail.com to let us know how it went so we can determine what to do next! Thanks for the help!

Join the call to divest from the state and the banking system by switching to cryptocurrency today. Take the pledge to exchange at least $1 per day into your choice of altcoin and help #DivestWallStreet

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