This Week In Fascism #43: Fascism Is Not Anti-War

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Welcome, fellow antifascists! This week we have a lot to cover and catch up on!

Today we hit on why we need to drive the Alt-Right out of the anti-war movement, so much news – it’ll make ya head spin!, new doxxes, actions, and how you can help shut down an upcoming neo-Confederate conference.

There’s no time to waste, let’s dive in!

Explainer: Why We Can’t Let The Alt-Right Co-Opt The Anti-War Movement

Only a few days into January and Joy Behar on the hugely popular The View announced some “good news” regarding the white nationalist leader Richard Spencer, who only a few months before generated headlines after a leaked recording of a racist and anti-Semitic temper tantrum went viral. Behar argued that Spencer’s tweets “apologizing” for voting for Trump and stating his “opposition” to a potential war with Iran was, a positive thing.

Sounds like a refreshing read. Nick Fuentes has gone full neocon and seems to support war with Iran. Because you see, America has to be the BOSS and Iran needs to submit according to him. Oh yeah, it’s also stupid to care about ancient Iranian cultural heritage sites now.

— GomiePyle321 (@GPyle321) January 6, 2020

“Syria Girl,” a pro-Assad troll who frequents white nationalist podcasts, shares a link to a neo-Nazi website run by Erik Striker of the Daily Stormer.

As if on cue, almost over night, a large section of the Alt-Right has gone into shifting much of their propaganda against the possibility of a war with Iran, while Nick Fuentes, leader of the Groypers, seems to be pursuing a much more pro-war, neo-con stance. Orange man good!

It is important to remember that as fascists and white nationalists, the Alt-Right does not fundamentally oppose war. Fascism at its core in fact has always celebrated war; Mussolini for instance built a coalition around nationalist World War I veterans, pro-war syndicalists, and violence obsessed Futurists. Central to the platform of the Nazi Party was the idea of gaining control of “living space,” or using the German military to engage in the colonization of new territory for the “mother land.” American white supremacy and settler-colonialism likewise, have also been shaped by the idea of “manifesto destiny,” which has been coupled with a State sanctioned policy of genocide against Native peoples. In short, war, conquest, and violence, have always been central to both the core of fascism and white supremacy.

We are calling for a flyering campaign to counter the warhawk neocon narrative. This design will appeal to many people and those of us with criticism of this Empire will understand the intent of these optics. If you see this, print this out and start putting it up nearby.

— Legion of St. Ambrose (@AmbroseLegion) January 4, 2020

The current US white nationalist movement is also obsessed with the idea of war. The Turner Diaries ends with a new, white nationalist government waging a nuclear holocaust against non-whites of the world. White nationalists through the ages have also fantasized about launching armed uprisings against their enemies, preparing for an all out race war, and that acts such as the Oklahoma City bombing could be used to kick off such a violence conflict.

White nationalist and Alt-Right leader Augustus Invictus regularly promotes the idea of war and conquering.

As anti-Semites, the Alt-Right opposes the US conflict with Iran because they see the US empire’s strategy in the Middle East as being directly tied to the state of Israel due to conspiracy of “Jewish domination” – not geopolitics. As opposed to neo-consversative and neo-liberal imperial ambitions, they counter pose that instead, the US should adopt a fascist foreign policy based on expansion of territory which would benefit “the nation,” while militarizing borders against non-white immigration.

No More Foreign Wars

— RevolutionaryGlory (@RevoltingGlory) January 6, 2020

As Richard Spencer and Augustus Invictus discussed in a now deleted conversation on Invictus’ YouTube show Guerrilla Radio,ultimately the goal of a white nationalist and fascist society would be the creation of a world order that would be based around the ideals and desires of a white ruling class. That instead of a neo-liberal order, there would be a ethno-nationalist order, with ruling class whites obviously on the top. Such a society would only be possible of course through massive amounts of war, genocide, and violence.

Richard Spencer’s new YouTube show features [at]Partisangirl aka “Syrian Girl,” who quite a few of our mutuals follow and has over 100K followers on Twitter. You can’t advocate apartheid, ethnic cleansing, and fascism and be “anti-war.”

— It’s Going Down (@IGD_News) January 8, 2020

But with thousands taking to the streets, in a rush to cash in on potential new recruits, most white nationalist groups have begun sticker and flyering campaigns against a possible war in Iran. In several cities, they have also attempted to show up to demonstrations, only to largely be shown the door. Just like online spaces, the Alt-Right and white nationalists seek to colonize whatever space they are in. The more that people allow them into the “anti-war movement,” go on their podcasts, and share their articles – the more normalized these ideas will become – which is their goal to begin with.

Great roundup of how those on the far-Right and Alt-Right are attempting to co-opt anti-war sentiment for their own fascist, racist, and anti-Semitic ideas. Also how antifascists are pushing back – and kicking the neo-Nazis out of anti-war marches and protests.

— It’s Going Down (@IGD_News) January 9, 2020

People everywhere much drive a hardline against fascist entryism into the anti-war movement. Both online and at demonstrations. Towards this end, our friends in Atlanta have created an awesome flyer you can hand out. Be sure to stay on the look out for seemingly innocuous flyers and stickers against the war as well as questionable people at demonstrations. If they had their way, they’d be waging a whole different type of conflict – one in which most of us wouldn’t survive.

We made a “What to do you if Nazis show up at your anti-war demonstration” informational flyer.

We use the (fascist) Patriot Front flyers at the anti-war demo in Little Five Points on Sat. as a starting point, but much of the advice could be applied elsewhere.#NoNazis

— Atlanta Antifascists (@afainatl) January 9, 2020


Andy Ngo Doxxes Teenager And Teams Up With Jesse Morton Of ‘Light Upon Light’ To Doxx Family

1) Portland, OR, has a problem with hate crimes in its greater metropolitan area. But to hear the New York Post’s @MrAndyNgo tell it, their real problem is people faking hate crimes. Thread follows.

— David Neiwert (@DavidNeiwert) March 31, 2019

Far-Right grifter Andy Ngo doxxed a 17-year-old through Instagram after they texted him a photo of him being milkshaked. According to the Daily Dot:

The teen, along with friends, found Ngo’s phone number and texted Ngo a photo of him getting “milkshaked,” a form of antifascist activism where protesters will either hurl a milkshake at or pour one on right-wing figureheads.

In screenshotted messages posted to Twitter by a user who knows the teen, the teen claimed Ngo “reverse number searched us.”

The 17-year-old further claimed they were the only one with a Twitter account, which is why Ngo specifically targeted them.

Ngo included the handles to both the teen’s main Twitter account, which uses their real name, and a secondary account of theirs.

The user who posted the screenshots also tweeted that the teen “had to deactivate for his own safety because Andy Ngo has doxxed him on his Instagram. And yes [redacted] is a minor.”

TFW you went to Columbia University and are serious about combating extremism.

— It’s Going Down (@IGD_News) January 14, 2020

Moreover, Ngo, along with the neo-Nazi Daily Stormer author Erik Striker, and Jesse Morton from the “extremist” watchdog group Light Upon Light, which we covered in the last column, have also been setting their sights in their own respective capacities recently against antifascist researcher, Antifash Gordon. This move comes after Gordon, along with many others, pushed for Ngo to be removed from Patreon and also helped expose Light Upon Light for working closely with anti-Muslim organizations and former National Socialist Movement leader turned “anti-extremism” grifter, Jeff Scheop.

It should come as no surprise at this point that Light Upon Light founder Jesse Morton is uncritically retweeting fascist propaganda.

— Light Upon Light Upon Light (@lightuponlul) January 14, 2020

In response, Striker, Morton, and Ngo have responded by digging up a year old blog post that has already been addressed many times over and using it as a way to disparage Antifash Gordon. In doing so, Ngo has even gone so far as to doxx Gordon and his family, while Morton, the CEO of a non-profit and a former student at the prestigious Columbia University, has attempted to paint Gordon as bourgeois for working in a…library.

For more information on this lengthy trail of bullshit, we suggest you read this statement from Light Upon Light Upon Light.

Nevada ICE Captain Who Posted On Neo-Nazi Website Placed On Administrative Leave

After being outed as a poster on the now defunct neo-Nazi forumIron March, which is famous for spawning the paramilitary group Atomwaffen, Travis Frey, a ICE captain in Nevada has been placed on administrative leave. According to posts, Frey expressed interest in mobilizing neo-Nazis in the area and starting a chapter of the Traditionalist Worker Party (TWP). As Talking Points Memo reported:

Travis Frey, a captain at an ICE detention center who was once active on a neo-Nazi message board, has been placed on administrative leave, according to the jail’s owner.

Vice News revealed Monday that Frey had an account on Iron March, a now-defunct neo-Nazi message board whose users’ personal information was leaked online late last year.

“The employee in question has been placed on administrative leave while we review the information that has come to light,” Amanda Gilchrist, director of public affairs for the private prison operator CoreCivic, wrote to TPM in an email Tuesday.

CoreCivic owns Nevada Southern Detention Center, where Frey works as a captain. The jail contracts with ICE and the U.S. Marshals.

Frey joined Iron March in 2013 and posted on the site as he worked as head of security at another CoreCivic detention center in Indianapolis, Vice News reported. Frey self-identified as a “fascist” on the site, according to Vice News, and in November 2016 said “deep down no one really gives a shit about racism.”

“I am interested in helping build the Indiana TWP,” Frey wrote on the site in June 2017, according to Vice News. “Let me know what is needed.”

TWP is a reference to the Traditionalist Workers Party, a white nationalist organization run at the time by Matthew Heimbach.

When someone on the message board responded to Frey’s post asking for more details, he wrote back “I’m trying to find all the NS [National Socialist] guys in Indiana to get together for a meet and greet,” according to Vice News.

First Patriot Prayer Associate Pleas Guilty To Rioting Charges For May Day Attack On Portland Bar

The first of several far-Right street brawlers plead guilty to charges of rioting on May Day 2019, when white nationalists, Proud Boys, and Patriot Prayer associates attacked patrons outside of the Cider Riot bar. According to Oregon Live:

The first of six men accused of inciting a riot between right-wing Patriot Prayer and left-leaning antifa outside a Northeast Portland pub in May pleaded guilty Monday and a second defendant is scheduled to enter a plea later in the day.

Patriot Prayer founder Joey Gibson isn’t among those who have reached deals with prosecutors.

Matthew Demetrius Cooper, 24, pleaded guilty to a single charge of riot outside the now-shuttered Cider Riot pub during the May Day clash.

Christopher Ponte, 38, also is scheduled later Monday to change his plea. Ponte was indicted on charges of riot and recklessly endangering another person. Check back on for details about Ponte’s plea hearing.

It’s unclear if any of the other four defendants, including Gibson, are currently negotiating plea deals with the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office. DA spokesman Brent Weisberg declined comment, and all four defendants are still scheduled in the court’s electronic filing system to go to trial in early March.

According to court records, Cooper was arrested in Portland sent back to Virginia, where he was charged with “forcible sodomy on a child under 13.”

CW/TW rape 2016/17 Matthew Cooper was charged in Henrico county Virginia on the charges of forcible sodomy on a child under 13. He was arrested in PDX and sent back to Virginia. Deme plea bargained away the sodomy charge to assault and battery of the under 13 child.

— A It Mek Intensified! (@AIntensified) August 8, 2019

White Nationalists Applaud Anti-Semitic Attacks In New York; Attempt To Exploit Tensions

Predictably, neo-Nazis, white nationalists, and those within the Alt-Right sub-culture praised the anti-Semitic attacks in New York that took place at the end of the year in 2019. On online forums like 4chan, those on the far-Right also mobilized to spread a variety of memes through fake accounts aimed at widening tensions between Jews and African-Americans.

As CNN wrote:

Trolls on the online forum 4chan celebrated on New Year’s Day as a fake Twitter (TWTR) account seeking to stoke tensions between Jewish and black Americans amid a string of anti-Semitic attacks in New Yorkprovoked outrage.

“As a fellow Jew who was frightened by the string of anti-Semitic attacks, I am frightened,” the fake account, which used the name “Elaine Goldschmidt,” tweeted Wednesday. Using the n-word to describe black Americans, “Goldschmidt” added they “were supposed to be on our side. Now, we have lost control of them.”

All the while, trolls on 4chan, which is known as a hotbed of online hate and is often used to coordinate the spread of hate online, celebrated Twitter’s inaction and expressed admiration for the person who set up the account.

According to NBC New York:

It wasn’t difficult to decipher the troll accounts were imposters. The profile picture for David Rothstein was actually a photo of Rabbi David Lau, one of Israel’s chief rabbis. A link under the profile picture of Rabbi Hezekiah takes readers to the homepage of Congregation Beth Shalom, a suburban Atlanta temple whose real leader is Rabbi Mark Zimmerman, a man who preaches tolerance.

This most recent campaign is similar to others also organized through 4chan, such as “It’s Okay to Be White,” and the massive failure, “My Borders, My Choice.”

Teenage Groyper Tries To Burn Down A Planned Parenthood In Dover, Delaware

18-year-old Samuel Gulick was arrested on January 3rd, after attempting to light a Planned Parenthood on fire with a Molotov cocktail in Delaware. Gulick also wrote “Deus Vult” graffiti on the building, a slogan associated with pro-Trump and far-Right circles, along with various symbols associated with the Groyper movement, which is led by white nationalists such as Nick Fuentes and Patrick Casey of the American Identity Movement. According to reports in the Washington Post and Buzzfeed, Gulick’s social media accounts were filled with white nationalist and Groyper memes. A spokesperson from Planned Parenthood stated that had the building gone up in flames, the residential units surrounding it may have well burned down as well.

Teenager involved in Nick Fuentes’ “American First” Groyper movement tried to burn down Planned Parenthood in #Newark. Office is surrounded by apartments + could have led loss of life. Sure you won’t hear either Andy Ngo or even TP-USA say shit about this.

— It’s Going Down (@IGD_News) January 10, 2020

From Buzzfeed News:

Federal authorities have charged an 18-year-old man connected to a young white nationalist movement of lighting an incendiary device and throwing it at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Delaware.

Investigators found Gulick because he used his father’s car to flee the scene, the complaint states. However, they also identified him through his Instagram profile, which was filled with far-right rhetoric and memes that reflect beliefs and attitudes in line with an evolving young white nationalist space, sometimes referred to as the America First movement, “groypers,” or the “groyper army,” so named for a distorted picture of an overweight version of Pepe the frog named Groyper.

Employees at the Planned Parenthood clinic in Delaware see this as a larger trend:

About two weeks ago, for example, employees at the Planned Parenthood clinic…watched stunned as protesters who usually gather outside the clinic performed the Nazi salute as patients were going in.

“We have never seen that before,” she said. “We do see some alt-right, Hitler stuff on Facebook too, and that’s happening across the country. The hate-filled rhetoric is stronger and we are seeing a lot more about eugenics.”

Former Proud Boy Leader Augustus Invictus Arrested For Kidnapping Wife

Austin Gillespie, also known by his even dumber name, Augustus Invictus, the former leader of the Proud Boy’s military wing, the Fraternal Order of Alt-Knights (FOAK) and speaker at the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, was recently arrested and accused of kidnapping his wife at gunpoint in front of their children and forcing her to travel across state lines to Florida. According to one journalist on Twitter: “Police said the victim, his wife, told them she was “100 percent sure he would kill her. It was only a matter of when.”‘

Bond denied for Augustus Invictus in Rock Hill on domestic violence and kidnapping charges. Police said the victim, his wife, told them she was “100 percent sure he would kill her. It was only a matter of when.”

— Greg Suskin (@GSuskinWSOC9) January 9, 2020

Since being arrested Augustus has appeared in front of a judge who has denied him bond and has now been picked up by authorities in South Carolina.

According to the Daily Beast:

Austin Gillespie, was arrested Monday in Florida on counts of kidnapping, aggravated domestic violence, and possession of a firearm during a crime. The incident began in Rock Hill, South Carolina, on Dec. 12, when he allegedly put a gun to his wife’s head and forced her to travel to Florida with him. She was later able to escape back to South Carolina, where she spoke with police.

Gillespie has a long history of being accused of brutal assault, which is prevalent among the leadership of white nationalism as evidenced by high profile cases involving Matthew Heimbach and Richard Spencer.

Currently Gillespie is pushing another pathetic electoral campaign and recently published an interview with James Mason, the author of SIEGE, which inspired the paramilitary neo-Nazi organization, Atomwaffen. Over the years, Gillespie has also worked closely with Richard Spencer to pen a variety of Alt-Right and white nationalist texts.

Neo-Nazi Swatting Group Contains Member Linked To Attomwaffen

A man linked to the neo-Nazi paramiliary group Atomwaffen has been charged for his involvement in an online group that carried multiple act of “swating,” or the malicious practice of calling in a police SWAT team on someone. Over the years the group has targeted journalists and a Facebook executive.

NEW: The sheriff’s office in Alexandria, Virginia, just released the mugshot for John William Kirby Kelley, the man with alleged ties to Atomwaffen Division who was arrested Friday in connection to a neo-Nazi “swatting” ring.

— Nick Martin (@nickmartin) January 13, 2020

According to The Verge:

A man loosely linked to violent neo-Nazi group Atomwaffen has been charged with participating in a swatting ring that hit hundreds of targets, potentially including journalists and a Facebook executive. John William Kirby Kelley supposedly picked targets for swatting calls in an IRC channel, then helped record the hoax calls for an audience of white supremacists. He was allegedly caught after making a bomb threat to get out of classes.

As Krebs previously reported, the group behind Doxbin and Deadnet IRC have claimed responsibility for swatting a Facebook executive last year. Krebs, who has been swatted multiple times, says he was targeted after appearing on Doxbin, as was Pulitzer-winning columnist Leonard G. Pitts Jr., who was labeled on Doxbin as “anti-white race.”

Krebs apparently also reviewed some Deadnet logs, revealing other details not directly connected with Kelley’s case. He writes that one member admitted to making a bomb threat around a university speech by former Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos, hoping to “frame feminists at the school for acts of terrorism.” Another member supposedly maintains a site for followers of the neo-Nazi James Mason who has advised Atomwaffen and posed with members of the group. Three Atomwaffen members are currently on trial for five murders.

Swatting hoaxes — where a perpetrator makes a fake threat to draw an extreme police response — can be highly difficult to trace. It’s easy to make anonymous phone calls online, and the results of a SWAT raid can be deadly; police have repeatedly killed innocent residents during them, including one swatting victim. Many swatters are never found, although the serial offender behind that death was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Weird Emails Going Around In The Pacific Northwest

According to various antifascist accounts online and The Stranger,someone in the Pacific Northwest is impersonating a journalist in an effort to get information about antifascists.

As The Stranger reported:

For the last two weeks someone pretending to be Stranger reporter Lester Black has been calling local activists and Democratic party operatives. The person identifies himself as “Lester Black, a reporter for the Stranger,” claims to be working on a convoluted story about antifascists, and then tries to obtain personal information from the subjects, according to people who have been contacted.

The activist who received these messages provided the phone number these texts came from. The imposter did not respond to multiple calls from me, and the voicemail associated with this number isn’t set up. I assume this guy is using a burner or some kind of internet number to make his calls.

Another person this Lester imposter has contacted, David Fleetwood, the first vice chair for the King County Democrats, says the Lester imposter called him twice: once about a week-and-a-half ago, and once last Monday. All told, the two spoke for a total of two hours.

On the first call, Fleetwood said, the fake reporter asked him if there were any connections between antifascist organizers and the Democratic party. He also seemed to be “obsessed” with Rep. Matt Shea, the Spokane Valley Republican who was booted from his party and his committee assignments after a recent investigation revealed him to be a domestic terrorist.

“He kept trying to imply that maybe things had gone overboard [with Shea],” Fleetwood said, “and he was attempting to make it a both-sides thing, saying both [antifascists and fascists] are just as radical, both are just as dangerous.”

In an attempt to rebuff the caller’s equivocation, Fleetwood brought up the Ballard Nazi as an example of Nazi-aligned fascists operating in the region. In response, the imposter asked if he thought Nazis getting doxxed, evicted, and fired from jobs was fair. Fleetwood said that “there are consequences for behaving in ways that are antisocial.

On the second call, Fleetwood said the Lester imposter spoke mostly about the history of antifascism and fascism, and insinuated that antifascists created fascism. On this call he also sought information about activists Alycia Ramirez and Matthew “Spek” Watson, and wondered why many activists don’t like Stranger writer Katie Herzog.”

Read the full article here.


Proud Boys Hangout In Philadelphia Vandalized, Again

Millcreek Tavern was vandalized with “FCK PISS BOYS ACAB” in yellow spray paint.

On November 15, the West Philly bar hosted the Philly Proud Boys but the owner refused to denounce hosting the group, despite a boycott that followed.

— Adryan Corcione (@mxthemme) January 1, 2020

A bar in West Philadelphia that hosted the Proud Boys and was vandalized back in November, was once again vandalized on New Year’s Eve. Graffiti left on the building read: “FCK PISS BOYS.” Many windows were also broken out.


Murfreesboro Antifascist Action Exposes Neo-Confederates

Antifascists in Murfreesboro, Tennessee have exposed at length members of the Murfreesboro Son’s of Confederate. More info here.

white supremacist bigots who strive to maintain these symbols of African-American slavery and oppression with our sixth expose’ “A Local Spotlight on The Murfreesboro Son’s of Confederate Veterans Camp#33”


— Mboro AFA (@mboroafa) January 1, 2020

Organizer Of Boston Straight Pride Parade Exposed

Antifash Gordon exposed former GOP Congressional candidate John Hugo as the organizer behind the Boston Straight Pride Parade. You can email his work at

1/ This is John Hugo, former GOP Congressional candidate and organizer of the Boston Straight Pride Parade, an event with hate group ties.

He works as a dispatcher for Green Cab and Yellow Cab of Somerville, MA.

You can email to express your concerns.

— AntiFash Gordon (@AntiFashGordon) January 2, 2020

Neo-Nazi Skinhead And Member Of The Hammerskins Exposed In Northern California

Antifa Sacramento exposed Joshua Wallace, a member of the Western Hammerskins, a notoriously violent group of neo-Nazi skinheads operating across the US. Wallace is also connected to the Golden State Skinheads, the neo-Nazi group which carried out a mass stabbing in Sacramento in June of 2016 against antifascists.

Antifa Sacramento is encourage people to call Wallace’s work:

Sierra Pacific Industries (SPI) is a large company based out of Redding, CA with many locations, and the Sonora location is only one of them. If you feel so inclined to get in touch with SPI to let them know they should not be employing a neo-Nazi there are other options and ways to get creative outside of contacting the Sonora site. Here is the company’s website, and here is the link to where you can review specifically the Sonora location on Indeed, and also at Yellow Pages.

SPI is located at 14980 Camage Ave, Sonora, California, 95370. Their business hours are Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm, and their phone number is *67 (209) 532-7141. (Use *67 to keep your phone number private!)

New on our site! Attention Sonora and the surrounding area!

In the article on Joshua Wallace, a member of the Western Hammerskins: his additional affiliations, where he works , where he lives, some actionable items & why it matters to Sacramento as well.

— Antifa Sacramento (@AntifaSac_) January 2, 2020

Florida Proud Boy James Paulk Exposed

Online antifascists exposed James Paulik of Holiday, Florida. Contact his work here.

Meet James Paulk of Holiday Florida. He is a member of the @splcenter designated hate group the “Proud Boys” and works at Deep Building Restorative Services

— Death Cab For Scooby (@CabScooby) January 2, 2020

Philly Neo-Nazi Member Of New Jersey European Heritage Association (NJEHA)Exposed

Antifascists exposed the deeply racist and Philadelphia neo-Nazi, Jackson B. Bradley, as part of the New Jersey European Heritage Association. The group is known for a series of small, pathetic stunts around the Northeastern area. More info here.

Let’s expose a Nazi..

Meet Commander James Madison Mosley aka Hendrik Frensch Verwoerd aka Gaius Marius Titus@HubCityAntifa @PhillyANTIFA @TorchAntifa@gwensnyderPHL

— Isimud Papsukkal (@isimudpapsukkal) January 3, 2020

Calls To Action

Phone Zap Against Neo-Confederate Gathering

Smash Racism Raleigh is calling on supporters to help them oppose an upcoming neo-Confederate event. They write:

The Sons of Confederate Veterans, the white supremacist group UNC decided to pay over 2.5 million dollars, is having a gathering to spew their hatred in Raleigh. Tomorrow we’ll be calling in to demand the hotel cancel their event. Here’s a thread compiling information on it.

Check the info below for more info and how you can participate in the phone zap!

Today! Call in to demand that Winwood Hospitality and the two hotels they own- Briar Creek Embassy Suites & Hampton Inn & Suites- disallow the SCV’s white supremacist gathering. They are hosting the attendees, the conference, & offering discounted rates.

— Smash Racism Raleigh (@SmashRacism919) January 13, 2020

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Mutual Exchange Radio: Anthony Di Franco on Counter Culture Labs

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A little late, but still here, our last episode of the season features Anthony Di Franco,co-founder and board member at Counter Culture Labs. In this episode we continue to touch on anarchist thought in action by taking a close look at Counter Culture Labs, a group of biohackers in Oakland which houses the Open Insulin project, an effort to develop open technology for insulin production at microbrewery scale and organize patient-led cooperatives to manufacture it. Anthony works at the intersections of complex adaptive systems and computing and focuses on developing convivial technologies, decentralizing infrastructure, and increasing the agency of individuals and communities.

In our next season — which starts at the end of January — we’ll return to the more theoretical side of anarchism, with interviews of C4SS senior fellow Roderick Long, andWilliam Nava of “Who Shaves the Barber.” We’ll also have a lot of surprise guests along the way and, of course, bonus content for our supporters on Patreon. If you’re not already a C4SS patron, you’re currently missing out on an end of the year bonus episode with Kevin Carson, Roderick Long, and William Gillis!

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Zapatistas Greet The New Year With Resistance

By Abolition Media Worldwide

Abolition Media Worldwide Reports On New Initiatives And Continued Activity From The Zapatista Movement In Chiapas, Mexico.

On August 17, 2019, the EZLN announced the end of the “Samir Flores Vive” campaign, with which it went on the offensive and extended “the word and action of resistance and rebellion.” As a result, the Zapatista caracols and their boards of good governance will go from five to twelve. They also created four new autonomous municipalities, which are now 31. They also reported the creation of the Zapatista Autonomous Resistance and Rebellion Centers, a new structure in the world they build. With photographs and videos, the EZLN showed the world its most recent expansion. It was only the beginning.

The Fourth National Assembly of the National Indigenous Congress and the Indigenous Government Council took place, as well as the Forum in Defense of the Territory and Mother Earth, both in the Jacinto Canek snail.

During the assembly dozens of villages shared their diagnosis and ratified their opposition to megaprojects such as the “train badly called Maya”, the Transistor Corridor, the Morelos Integral Project. They concluded that the “neoliberal war” deepens with the current administration, and that businesses that are part of that war – organized crime, real estate industry, mining, agribusiness, tourism megaprojects, energy industry – continue to be deployed throughout the country. As a result of this war, they reported, 11 members of the CNI were killed in 2019 for defending their territories and opposing dispossession.

More than 50 organizations from Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Kurdistan and Ecuador participated in the forum. The information shared there helped to dimension the level of global destruction of the capitalist system, but also to identify points of articulation and common strategies of resistance.

In the last days of December, in the seedbed “Footprints of the walking of Comandanta Ramona”, in the caracol of Morelia, the Second International Meeting of Women who Fight was held. More than five thousand women came from at least 49 countries, which for three days shared pain, experiences and joys; strengthened their solidarity networks and made agreements to continue fighting against patriarchy.

Finally, also in the Morelia caracol, the EZLN commemorated the 26th anniversary of the start of the war against oblivion. There Subcomandante Moisés reiterated the position of the Zapatistas: they are willing “to die if necessary” to defend their autonomy. At the same time, he raised an urgent debate: progress and development for whom and at what cost.

No political force in Mexico, and very few in the world, are able to guarantee the necessary infrastructure to carry out these activities. We must not forget that the Zapatistas do not accept resources – of any kind – from governments, companies or NGOs. Everything was sustained with resources from the Zapatistas themselves. With this “Combo for life” the EZLN not only showed its great capacity for national and international convocation, it also showed the large size of its organization, its territorial expansion, and its willingness to dialogue with those who aspire to construction from a world where many worlds fit.

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#J6: Call For Emergency Phone Zap In Response To Desperate Crisis And Bloodshed In Mississippi Prisons

By Oakland IWOC

Call For A Day Long Phone Zap Campaign To Pressure The Mississippi Department Of Corrections (MDOC) And The Mississippi Governor To Take Action Against Horrific Conditions Which Have Led To A Wave Of Deadly Violence.

Facebook Call-In Event HERE

There is an emergency situation inside Mississippi prisons right now. As a direct result of the now notorious hellish conditions of overcrowding, filth, medical neglect, suicides and more, this past week has seen a wave of deadly violence and a statewide lockdown.

Mississippi Prison System is out of control. There is a riot going on due to staff allowing other prisoners in restricted areas and killing other prisoners. The living conditions in all Mississippi jails are inhumane and unbearable. PLEASE PLEASE Check On Y’all People. GRAPHIC‼️

— Kameronkeyon (@kameronkeyon) January 3, 2020

From a comrade:

#MDOC is framing the narrative like this: gang violence inside the prisons is the problem. We reject that narrative, full stop. This is a system failure resulting in human and civil rights abuses perpetrated by #Mississippi policymakers who have failed us in reforming and resourcing the prison system despite months, if not years, of cries for those resources and reform.

The State of Mississippi is violating the 8th Amendment of the US Constitution which states, “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.”

There are multiple reports of guards being complicit and popping doors to set off retaliations [purposely opening cell doors to let rival groups of prisoners attack each other] within Parchman Prison which has seen the worst of the carnage. A minimum of 5 prisoners have been killed this week with reports from inside claiming more. The calls for disclosure coming from distraught families are being ignored by MDOC.

#Parchman #Mississippi THE MEN ARE CALLING FOR HELP!!!!!!

— PrisonReformMovement (C.Leonard) (@PrisonReformMvt) January 3, 2020

Families, supporters, and prisoners inside are urgently calling for support. Those in charge and holding the keys need to feel the pressure and feel our eyes on them. Prisoners have communicated that three demands are to be prioritized. They are listed below in the sample script provided for phone calls and emails.

EMERGENCY situation inside Mississippi prisons right now!

Many dead. Reports of guards popping doors to set off retaliations. Statewide lockdown.

And MDOC ignoring hundreds of phonecalls from distraught families.

RT, share, call!

— IWOC Oakland (@iwoc_oakland) January 3, 2020

Call And Email These Targets Monday:

Governor-elect Tate Reeves

MDOC Director Pelicia Hall
(601) 359-5900

Sample Script:

Hello. I am calling as a concerned citizen about the ongoing crisis at Parchman. The Board of Directors must ensure that the superintendent find an amicable and peaceful solution, as well as, address the prisoners needs. They need to ensure that the prisoners have sanitary and safe housing conditions. We, as a community, along with the prisoners have these demands:

1. Immediate separation of all rival groups to halt the violence.
2. Restore full food service and immediate emergency medical care.
3. Removal of the corrupt guards who instigated violence.
Remember, the world is watching. Thank you.”

They may shut down numbers over the course of the day or hang up on you. Don’t worry. Every call counts and them giving you the run-around is typical behavior. If calls go to voicemail, let’s fill up their inbox.

You don’t have to give your name if they ask. Just keep on them and make sure you get your message across and tie up their phones. Remember: we aren’t here to argue with employees of the system but to disrupt their office operations and show power.

Please report back with any feedback or information in the comments section here or send us and email at

Alma Dunning, mother of Lucious Bolton, holds a photo of her son in front of the house where Bolton grew up in Moss Point, Mississippi, on August 31st, 2018, Jonathan Bachman / for NBC News. This human rights crisis inside is constant and systemic. Lucius Bolton suffered ‘death by incarceration’ along with 15 others in the deadly month of August 2018.

For additional coverage and information on the situation in Mississippi prisons:

Follow on Twitter:

Join the call to divest from the state and the banking system which protect and subsidize prison-industrial-complex by switching to cryptocurrency today. Take the pledge to exchange at least $1 per day into your choice of altcoin and help #DivestWallStreet

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Rebel Prisoner Birthdays For January, 2020

By Anonymous Contributor

Rebel And Political Prisoner Birthdays For January 2020.

Inspired by the spirit of the Political Prisoners Birthday crew, here’s a short listing of some rebel prisoners who have upcoming birthdays in January. For an an introduction on how to write to prisoners and some things to do and not to do, go here. If you have the time, please also check IWOC’s listing of prisoners facing retaliation for prison strike-related organizing.

Also, wishing a very happy birthday to Roman Shankaras, a former Vaughn 17 defendant who will be celebrating his birthday in freedom this year, and sending big congratulations to Nina Droz FrancoJuan de la Cruz Ruiz, and Vaughn defendant Obadiah Miller, who were all released in the last month or so!

Fran Thompson

Serving life plus 10 years for killing a man who broke into her home in self-defense. Before her imprisonment, Fran was an eco, animal and anti-nuke campaigner and it is believed this biased the court against her.

Birthday: January 4


Fran Thompson #1090915
3151 Litton Drive
Chillicothe, MO 64601

Siddique Abdullah Hasan (Carlos Sanders)

Long-time prison rebel on Death Row for his role in the Lucasville Uprising of 1993. Facing heavy retaliation, including attempts to smear him as a terrorist, for his ongoing organizing and support of prison strikes. You can learn more about Siddique in his own words by listening to his interviews on the Final Straw.

Birthday: January 4


Siddique Abdullah Hasan (Address envelope to Carlos A. Sanders)
Ohio State Penitentiary
PO Box 1436
Youngstown, Ohio 44505

Jeremy Hammond

Anarchist hacker serving a decade in prison for leaking information about corporate spying and espionage, currently serving an extra term for contempt because of his refusal to testify before a Grand Jury.

Birthday: January 8


Jeremy Hammond
William G. Truesdale Adult Detention Center
2001 Mill Road
Alexandria, VA 22314

Abdul Azeez (Warren Ballentine)

Abdul is one of the Virgin Island 3 serving 8 consecutive life sentences after being tortured into a false confession then wrongly imprisoned since 2001 when his sentence was vacated. He was 23 at the time of his arrest in 1972. Now in his 60s, he has several chronic health issues that are difficult to treat inside prison.

Birthday: January 9


Abdul Aziz (address envelope to Warren Ballantine)
Citrus County Detention Facility
2604 West Woodland Ridge Drive
Lecanto, Florida 34461

Joseph “Shine White” Stewart

Joseph “Shine White” Stewart is a revolutionary prisoner in North Carolina who was sent to solitary confinement for his prominent role in the 2018 prison strikes. Many of his writings have been published by the Atlanta Anarchist Black Cross.

Birthday: January 14


Joseph Stewart #0802041
Central Prison
1300 Western Blvd.
Raleigh, NC 27606

Sundiata Acoli (Clark Squire)

Former Black Panther/Black Liberation Army prisoner, co-defendant of Assata Shakur, serving life plus 30 years for a shootout between the BLA and New Jersey state troopers. In 2016, he was again denied parole and given a 15-year hit so he will not be eligible again until 2032 when he is 94 years old.

Birthday: January 14


Sundiata Acoli #39794-066 (address envelope to Clark Squire)
FCI Cumberland
Federal Correctional Institution
P.O. BOX 1000
Cumberland, MD 21501

Joseph “Joe-Joe” Bowen

Black Liberation Army (BLA) Prisoner of War, serving two life sentences for the assassination of a prison warden and deputy warden, as well as an attempted prison break which resulted in a five-day standoff.

Birthday: January 15


In 2018, the PA Dept of Corrections instituted a restrictive mail policy where all mail to prisoners must be sent through a mail processing facility in Florida where all correspondence is scanned, copied and then the copy is mailed to the prisoner. There is an active campaign to get Gov. Wolf to repeal the restrictive policy so that friends and family members can send mail such as greeting cards again.

Smart Communications/PADOC
Joseph Bowen #AM-4272
SCI Fayette
P.O. Box 33028
St. Petersburg, FL 33733
United States

Jacob Montgomery

Ferguson uprising prisoner, serving a 13-year sentence which is partly for looting during the Ferguson riots of November 2014, along with unrelated robbery and burglary charges.

Birthday: January 17


Jacob Montgomery #1287870
Moberly Correctional Center
PO Box 7, Moberly,
MO 65270

Marius Mason

Marius Mason is an anarchist, environmental and animal rights activist currently serving nearly 22 years in federal prison for acts of property damage carried out in defense of the planet.

Birthday: January 26


Marie (Marius) Mason 04672-061
FCI Danbury
Route 37
Danbury, CT 06811

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