Let’s Make 12 Step Programs the New Food Not Bombs

How The Alcoholics Anonymous' 12 Step Program of Recovery Helps with  Emotional Dysregulation. – Inside The Alcoholic Brain
By Logan Marie Glitterbomb

If we believe in the concepts of harm reduction and restorative and transformative justice, then we need to get involved in 12 step advocacy. 12 step programs began with the birth of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) when it was founded in 1935 out of a conversation between Bill Wilson aka Bill W. and Bob Smith. They both found spirituality to be a useful tool for recovery, with Bill W. diving into spiritualism and communication with spirits via seances and Ouija boards. Both also agreed that support networks helped as well, with Bill W. taking inspiration from anarchist Peter Kropotkin’s theories on mutual aid. Bill W. believed that these two aspects, the spiritual and mental, were balanced by a third, the physical, in the form of the vitamin supplement niacin. He later became a huge proponent of LSD and psychedelic therapy as a potential means to cure addiction.

Together they built a recovery model based on the principles of transformative justice, where one admits to their wrongdoings, genuinely works to change their behavior, and attempts to make amends where possible; autonomy, where no individual AA group or participant holds power over another; mutual aid, where the group is one’s support network and vice versa; and of course, anonymity.

This has since proven to be such a popular method for recovery that not only has AA spawned a number of similar groups based on the model, but even the court system in many areas has taken to promoting it as a transformative justice alternative to prison time.

Since the days of Bob Smith and Bill W. there have been many other recovery groups which have adopted AA’s 12 step program as their guide, including Narcotics Anonymous, Gamblers Anonymous, Sexaholics Anonymous, Neurotics Anonymous, Racists Anonymous, and Survivors of Incest Anonymous, among many others. Anyone can take the 12 step model with its original anarchistic intentions and apply it as a model for anarchist support groups dealing with any form of addiction.

Of course some people will be turned off by the religious element of the group, but it’s worth noting that the second of the Twelve Traditions states, “For our group purpose there is but one ultimate authority – a loving God as He may express Himself in our Group conscience.” That last part is key. The “Group conscience” or the whole of the support group itself, can be the higher power that one relies on. It is a recognition that sometimes we can accomplish more collectively than individually.

Now I’m not saying that 12 step programs help everyone. No model can promise that. There are alternative models for addiction recovery that are far more effective for some people. But the 12 step model is one that we can easily replicate alongside our other harm reduction and transformative justice organizing efforts. It’s a model that can be every bit as decentralized and easy to replicate as Food Not Bombs and we should normalize it in anarchist circles so radical 12 step programs become as abundant as Food Not Bombs. We should host AA and NA groups at every infoshop, community center, library, and church that’ll let us and rejuvenate the anarchist spirit it was founded upon so that we may spread our politics via example while providing an invaluable resource for those in need.

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Harm Reduction, Soapboxing, and Destructive Voting

Anarchists, It Is Our Duty To Vote In Elections – Trouble and Squeak
By Logan Marie Glitterbomb

As anarchists, we obviously reject representative democracy along with the state itself. As such, many anarchists advocate against voting in elections or even participating at all, seeing it as reinforcing and legitimizing the very system we’re fighting so hard to abolish. However, not all anarchists are against participating in the electoral process in the here and now for a multitude of reasons, although I mainly want to focus on three main ones: harm reduction, soapboxing, and destructive voting.

More often than not, when an anarchist decides to vote, they do so as a means of harm reduction. The idea is to vote to keep the worst candidates out of office to keep them from making things that much more difficult to organize against. Voting against the worst candidates and in favor of ever so slightly less shitty candidates by comparison helps make the work of community organizers and activists just a tiny bit easier. This doesn’t mean it will advance the anarchist cause, but rather, it helps to curb the ability for our political opponents to advance their cause as rapidly. Harm reduction voting is literally voting for the lesser evil as a means to keep the worse evil at bay. It is not an endorsement of the lesser evil so much as a recognition that a lesser evil is easier to pressure and less likely to make things too much worse when compared to the worse evil. At the end of the day though, harm reduction voting still recognizes that evil is evil and needs to be combatted via direct action, mutual aid, dual power, and community organizing, which are the means to achieve actual meaningful changes.

Soapboxing takes a very different approach. Whereas harm reduction voting usually involves merely voting for the lesser evil of the major party candidates, soapboxing involves actually voting for a candidate whose ideas and political platform you more actively agree with, usually a third-party candidate. This is not about voting to win so much as it is voting to increase the exposure of those ideas. The Libertarian Party, for example, was not so much founded to win offices as much as it was founded on the realization that many people only pay attention to politics in terms of political parties and elections. As such, if the goal is to spread those ideas to a wider audience, utilizing the electoral platform as a means to get more people to pay attention to one’s message is extremely useful. Politicians do not have to win to spread ideas that end up becoming more mainstream as a result.

Think of how Ron Paul brought the ideas of libertarian capitalism to the mainstream or how Bernie Sanders has done the same for democratic socialism. Modern anarchists such as Vermin Supreme, Spike Cohen, James Weeks, Brian Ellison, Jae Carico, Derrick Broze, and Matt Kuehnel, have all run for office as a means to platform ideas that were not being shared in those spaces in order to reach a larger audience with no expectation to win. Voting third party as a means to help anarchists secure party nominations and more easily spread their ideas is useful, as is attempting to get them into debates against major party candidates. Imagine if Vermin Supreme had won the Libertarian Party nomination for the 2020 election and garnered enough votes to be included in the presidential debate alongside Trump and Biden. Millions of people who have had little exposure to anarchist ideals would have been confronted with those ideals in real time in a “legitimized” form since it would be happening through the formal electoral system. It’s a means to meet people where they are and share a message that will hopefully serve to radicalize them further: a message that ultimately encourages voters to abandon the electoral system in favor of something better.

On the off chance that a soapbox candidate does win office, then they can not only serve as a means for harm reduction, but also as a saboteur, tearing down the system from within. This idea is known as “destructive voting.” The idea is that candidates run for office to destroy the power wielded by such an office. Examples could include running for sheriff to help aid efforts to demilitarize and defund the police, running for school board to support teachers’ strikes and promote school choice, or running for mayor to push to mutualize local state-owned resources such as utilities. Any push for the abolition of state operations such as ICE, prisons, or the IRS, or the overturning of oppressive laws such as anti-drug or anti-homeless laws can fall under this umbrella, and voting for a candidate that will do so is the very heart of destructive voting. Anything that takes power away from politicians and puts it instead into the hands of the people is a good thing.

In practice, destructive voting and soapbox voting follow the same pattern with the only difference being whether or not the candidate wins, but putting the idea of soapboxing first means that whether or not one​​​​ wins the election, they’ve achieved success. If the candidate loses, they at least got to share anarchist ideals to a wider audience, but if they happen to win, they get to effect change by tearing down the state from within. Harm reduction voting, however, doesn’t offer these same opportunities and such voters would often ignore candidates closer to their personal politics in favor of the major party candidate that they believe will do the least damage to the most marginalized. Choosing between these approaches to voting largely depends on the circumstances of the particular election. Is there even a candidate whose views more accurately reflect yours? Are any of the major candidates with a real chance of winning too big of a threat to chance letting win? These are questions that you must ask yourself if you decide to vote. But then again, very few anarchists would fault you for ignoring it all in favor of more important things. It’s really up to you. But to criticize your fellow anarchists who choose to vote is to ignore a complex issue that can be approached with nuance and strategy in favor of a black and white simplistic view that ignores the tactical usefulness of certain approaches to electoralism.

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Only Anarchists Are Pretty: An Anarchist Guide to Fashion Part 2: Dressing for Anonymity

By Logan Marie Glitterbomb

Whether you’re at a protest, engaging in direct action of questionable legality, or just trying to avoid detection in everyday life by police, fascists, or surveillance systems such as facial recognition technology, there are numerous reasons for anarchists to be concerned with maintaining anonymity, and the way one dresses can be one of the most important factors.

The most obvious tactic to touch upon is black bloc. While this mostly only works for certain situations in which there are large crowds of activists also dressed in black bloc, this can be extremely useful for helping people to blend in with each other and makes it much harder for police to tell black bloccers apart. Just wear all black and cover your face and any identifiable factors and you’re golden. Variations on black bloc also include more colorful ideas such as pastel bloc, which certainly brightens up a protest and makes a statement, but the lack of uniformity can make it easier to tell bloccers apart even if they can’t determine who’s under the mask. So these variations can work to fool facial recognition technology which may be deployed at protests, but are less effective against cops who may still be able to more easily single out individual bloccers for arrests and discover their identities once arrested.

Now if the goal is less to blend in and more just to fool facial recognition technology, CV Dazzle (computer vision dazzle) makeup is a wonderful option. While many of the most popular CV Dazzle makeup design patterns are ineffective against the more recent advancements in facial recognition technology, new patterns can be designed based on the particular algorithms utilized by the particular types of facial recognition technology you are trying to fool.

To quote from cvdazzle.com:

[W]hether a look works or not is up to you. CV Dazzle is a concept, not a product or pattern. Evading face detection requires prior knowledge of the algorithm. Most of the archived looks […] were designed over 10 years ago for the Viola-Jones face detection algorithm. Current face surveillance uses deep convoluational [sic] neural networks (DCNNs). To use CV Dazzle you must design according to the algorithm (hint: don’t use Viola-Jones looks for a DCNN face recognition system).

Similarly, Juggalo and black metal-style corpse facepaint has also been effective at fooling some forms of facial recognition technology, but it is unclear whether the advances in such technology have been able to render that tactic ineffective as it has some styles of CV Dazzle makeup. While some facial recognition technology has gotten better at detecting partially obscured faces, it still seems as if facemasks and bandanas make it more difficult to be detected. The C4SS merch store has a number of facemasks which can be utilized for both medical and anonymity purposes.

If you wish to up your mask game, Adversarial Fashion has designed masks which specifically provide extra noise to confuse facial recognition devices. Not only do they have patterns that feed false facial data, but they also have license plate patterns which can be used to feed false information to license plate readers. They not only sell masks in these styles but also sell shirts, skirts, dresses, hoodies, and scarves with these various patterns.

While these tactics all work in specific contexts, they also draw attention at the same time. Sometimes, however, you just need to blend into everyday society without being noticed. To that end, we can draw upon the concept of the gray man. In militia circles, “going gray” is typically utilized in SHTF (shit hits the fan) situations where people will be more desperate and more likely to try and rob others for their resources. The idea is that instead of looking like you have a bunch of tactical gear and survival supplies, you dress to blend in and look like you have nothing to offer. Plain clothing and even worn clothing and accessories are utilized to keep a low profile and avoid sticking out.

But we can draw from this concept for less catastrophic scenarios, such as when you are trying to avoid sticking out like a sore thumb to evade police, fascists, or other adversaries. Dress to blend in with the crowd in question, cover any tattoos or identifying markings, and draw as little attention to yourself as possible in both fashion and behavior as a means to lay low.

Dyed hair, unique hairstyles, glasses, unique accessories, and other factors can also be utilized by others to identify you in various situations, so beware. Government agents will go to great lengths to track people via any means they can. Let us not forget that the FBI once deduced the identity of a Philadelphia protester who threw a molotov at a police car by piecing together the design on her shirt from a partially obscured photograph, tracing the unique design to an Etsy store, and then searching through the reviews on the item to track down the customer/protester.

So be careful, be aware, and dress appropriately for the specific situation if you wish to remain anonymous. Safety is important if we wish to be effective as activists.

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The Internet Offered Us Freedom, We Chose Corporate Rule

What Is Crypto-Anarchism And How Is It The Most Successful Branch of  Libertarianism? - Being Libertarian
By Logan Marie Glitterbomb

Read any of the classic cypherpunk or crypto-anarchist writings and one thing is clear: the internet offered us freedom. While the open source and peer-to-peer (p2p) movements are still alive and well in certain corners of the internet, most of us have chosen corporate rule instead.

While cryptocurrency offered us a medium of exchange that could be independent of Wall Street, Big Banks, and the dreaded state, many flock to exchanges that require you to confirm your identity to the state, and some even link their bank accounts, instead of using resources such as Local Bitcoins that would allow for more anonymous transactions.

While the p2p movement offered us a vision of the sharing economy that was truly peer-to-peer, many instead praise the likes of corporate apps which act as a third party between peers, setting the rules and taking a cut of the profits while providing little more than an app in return; an app that could have just as easily been crowdfunded into existence, owned cooperatively by its users, and made open source for all to utilize as they please. We hail the likes of Uber, Lyft, AirBnB, etc. as examples of the “sharing economy” instead of looking towards true sharing economy options such as Cell 411 ridesharing or Couchsurfing.org which operate in a truly peer-to-peer anti-corporate fashion.

While we were offered decentralized and encrypted forms of communication and social media, many of us still flocked to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Discord, and Tik Tok instead of the likes of Mastodon, Minds, MeWe, Element, and Signal, thus allowing our data to be farmed for profit and handed over to government agencies under the guise of security. We could have easily chosen our privacy but instead chose “convenience,” although I’m unsure about what exactly is convenient about willingly letting others invade our privacy when perfectly functional alternatives exist. And then after willingly handing these Big Tech platforms so much power, some act surprised and betrayed when these same platforms censor and ban people for their political views or other metrics which they have chosen to enact via hierarchical decree.

While we were offered open source and/or encrypted options such as Linux, GIMP, Icedrive, CryptDrive, Open Office, CryptPad, Riseup, Protonmail, etc., many still chose options like Windows, Photoshop, Google Drive, Google Docs, Gmail, etc. thus lining the pockets of corporate fatcats and further centralizing their control over the internet instead of embracing decentralization and empowering smaller creators and communities to share and collaborate with each other to create a multitude of amazing platforms.

At a time where video conferencing is much more necessary, Zoom is making money hand over fist and continuously flaunting the fact that they don’t care at all about consumer privacy and having the audacity to provide encryption services only to those who pay extra after they were outed for not encrypting at all despite claims that they were. All this while safer truly encrypted alternatives such as Jitsi and Agora.io go largely unused by comparison.

Hell, even here at C4SS, we self-proclaimed anarchists still can’t help but give ourselves over to corporate rule. We operate out of a Google Group, we do our editing on Google Docs, we use Zoom for our meetings, we sell through Amazon… and we should know better (by the way, you can purchase our books from our personal store instead of buying via Amazon, so no need to support a company who contracts with ICE).

The internet offered us freedom from corporate control and yet we threw that offer away to gladly continue the tradition of licking corporate boots. Many claim to do it out of convenience, but since when is it convenient to hand over all of our personal data to Big Tech companies willingly?

The internet offered us freedom and we squandered it. Yet the offer is still there. It’s within our reach. We still have the chance to cash in on that offer and make the internet the bastion of freedom it was prophesied to be by our cypherpunk and crypto-anarchist forebearers. It’ll be a process. It won’t always be the easiest or smoothest transition. It will take time and research. But damn if it’s not worth it in the end. So let’s get to work creating the internet we long to see.

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Protocols of the Elders of Zion, QAnon, and the Cult of Statism

QAnon Conspiracy Theory Is Exactly What Fueled Nazi Germany, Genocide  Scholar Says | Inside Edition
By Logan Marie Glitterbomb

In the early 1900s, an anonymous book known as The Protocols of the Meetings of the Learned Elders of Zion more commonly known simply as The Protocols of the Elders of Zion began circulating. It was a blatantly antisemitic publication falsely claiming to be written by the “elders of Zion” themselves and detailing their alleged plans for world domination despite being obviously plagiarized from several other historical sources, some of which were not even antisemitic in origin. Most notably, The Protocols copied entire sections from Der Judenstaat: Versuch einer modernen Lösung der Judenfrage (The Jewish State: Proposal for a modern solution to the Jewish question) originally titled Address to the Rothschilds by Theodor Herzl, Dialogue aux enfers entre Machiavel et Montesquieu ou la politique de Machiavel au XIXe siècle (The Dialogue in Hell Between Machiavelli and Montesquieu) by Maurice Joly, and Biarritz by Hermann Goedsche.

Maurice Joly was a French republican who served as a low rank member of the radical socialist Paris Commune, a project which precipitated the split between Marxists and anarchists. His novel Dialogue aux enfers entre Machiavel et Montesquieu ou la politique de Machiavel au XIXe siècle was a political satire criticizing the political ambitions of Napoleon III aka Charles-Louis Napoléon Bonaparte who was represented in the novel by Niccolò Machiavelli and was depicted as having a political dialogue in hell with Charles Montesquieu. The reason for having Machiavelli stand-in for Napoleon III was due to the illegality of criticizing the state at the time although this substitution did not spare Joly from having to serve 15 years in prison for his “crimes.” While none of the characters depicted in the book were Jewish, the book does serve as a thinly veiled critique of Napoleon’s desire for world domination.

In 1968, four years after the publication of Joly’s book, Hermann Goedsche heavily plagiarized Joly’s book for his own novel Biarritz, adding a chapter titled “At the Jewish Cemetery in Prague and the Council of Representatives of the Twelve Tribes of Israel” which described a centennial midnight meeting of a secret cabal of Rabbis known as the Council of Representatives of the Twelve Tribes of Israel to report on the progress of their own plans for world domination through the infiltration of politics and the media, acquisition of land, industrialization, and so on. This chapter itself was heavily plagiarized from another novel by Alexandre Dumas père entitled Joseph Balsamo which portrayed a fictional account of an alleged meeting between Joseph Balsamo also known as Alessandro Cagliostro and others to plot the “Affair of Queen Marie Antoinette’s Necklace” which was one of the causes of the French Revolution. Neither novel Goedsche blatantly plagiarized were antisemitic in nature by any means but Goedsche was himself notoriously antisemitic and thus decided to portray this fictional plot of Jewish world domination in his novel. It should be noted that Goedsche not only wrote this as a fictional story but was also completely unaware that only two out of the twelve original tribes of Israel even were left in existence during the time period in which he was writing his novel making it completely inaccurate even as a plausible piece of historical fiction.

Theodor Herzl originally wrote Address to the Rothschilds in 1891 as a speech to be delivered to the Rothschild family advocating for the creation of a Jewish state, a plan which was rejected by Baron Edmond de Rothschild who saw it as a threat to the Jewish diaspora and to another settlement which he himself was attempting to establish. The speech was later retitled Der Judenstaat for publication and has since become one of the seminal works of the Zionist movement, having actually popularized the term Zionism itself. The work was also known by another name in its original French and Russian editions: Zionist Protocols.

The unknown author(s) of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion ripped off this name for their own title and heavily plagiarized from Dialogue aux enfers entre Machiavel et Montesquieu ou la politique de Machiavel au XIXe siècle while taking inspiration from Goedsche’s antisemitic twist, even quoting directly from the Rabbi’s speech during the fictional meeting of the Council of Representatives of the Twelve Tribes of Israel and combining it with an exaggeration of the goals of Zionism. Despite blatantly ripping off fictional sources, this book was claimed to be an actual account of a real meeting written by the Council members themselves, detailing their alleged real plot to take over the world. In addition to their alleged plot to take over the world via politics, banking, media, capitalism, communism, etc. the book also “revealed” their participation in a ceremony known as the blood libel in which they supposedly kidnapped and murdered Christian children to use their blood for ritualistic purposes, including mixing it in the dough used to make matzos to be consumed during religious holiday celebrations.

On October 30, 2016, a Twitter account claiming to be run by a New York lawyer known for posting white supremacist material claimed that the NYPD had uncovered a child sex trafficking ring run by the Democratic Party itself via Anthony Weiner’s leaked emails despite providing no proof to back up these claims. The NYPD denied these accusations but that did no more to stop conspiracy theorists from believing this baseless conspiracy than proving the Protocols of the Elders of Zion was plagiarized from fictional sources stopped conspiracy theorists from believing Hitler when he used the claims in the book to further his plan, claiming he planned to save German Christian children from the Jewish blood libel.

Throughout October and November of that year, Wikileaks published John Podesta’s emails which many of those same conspiracy theorists claimed also discussed the same Democrat-run child sex trafficking operation using the popular code word used in child porn circles, pizza, along with other supposed code words such as hot dogs which are not known for being used in those same circles historically. It should be noted that most of the uses of the term pizza were in expense reports for campaign staff where the amounts spent on pizza seem like very reasonable amounts to spend on actual pizza and not the price of child sex slaves which would likely cost significantly more. It should also be noted that pizza is typically code for child porn and not the purchasing of child sex slaves as these conspiracy theorists claim although it is not a stretch to consider the idea that they were using this popular code in a slightly different manner than it is normally used. It did not help that one of the pizza places mentioned in the emails, Comet Ping Pong used to have a logo of a pizza slice which very much resembled the popular “boy lover” symbol used by both MAPs (minor-attracted people; a more all-encompassing term that includes pedophilia as well as hebephilia and ephebophilia) and actual child molestors (the difference being that while MAPs struggle with attraction to underage children, a majority of MAPs do not act on that attraction and a majority of child molesters are not actual MAPs but rather rapists looking for easy victims, not that MAPs can’t also sometimes be child molesters as well). There were also claims of Satanic ritual cannibalism and abuse mirroring those made against the Jewish peoples in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

While there is little evidence that the Democratic Party itself was running a child sex trafficking ring out of Comet Ping Pong and other pizzerias, that did not stop a conspiracy theorist named Edgar Maddison Welch from entering the restaurant on December 7th of that year and opening fire on partons while demanding to see their basement which was allegedly being used as a sex dungeon; a basement which likely does not even exist according to blueprints of the building and investigations by the Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia.

Despite the lack of proof surrounding the particulars of the “pizzagate” conspiracy as it was later dubbed, it is understandable that people would distrust both Snopes and the police in claiming the conspiracy had been entirely debunked considering Snopes’ history as an unreliable “fact checker” and known shilling for the Democratic Party and the very real amount of police in various departments busted for consumption of child porn and participation in sex trafficking operations and child porn rings. The fact that the Podesta emails involved Hillary Clinton — whose husband Bill is a well-known repeat rapist and associate with Jeffrey Epstein who was later busted for running an actual child sex trafficking operation involving a large number of political figures, celebrities, and business leaders — in no way helped to dispel these suspicions either.

Almost a year later, on October 28th, 2017, “Q Clearance Patriot” more commonly known as “QAnon” emerged, posting a thread on 4chan entitled “Calm Before the Storm.” They implied that they were a government agent in the Trump administration with Q level clearance to top-secret information and that they were aware of a secret plot by Trump to investigate supposed Democratic Party-run child sex trafficking rings, culminating in “The Storm” which will allegedly be the mass arrest, imprisonment, and execution of thousands involved in this supposed operation. Q has continued to post since then, sometimes making straight forward predictions and other times offering supposed coded messages on 4chan and later 8chan after they claimed 4chan had been infiltrated and offering no explanation as to how. These messages have been variously deciphered by their various followers, who excuse these predictions’ failure to come true by claiming the alleged deep state conspiracy against Trump is interfering with Trump’s plans.

These rumors seem to be a part of a long storied history of trolls on 4chan posting baseless conspiracy fodder, mostly for the lulz, which as Fox put it in a hilarious badly researched “exposé” on 4chan and Anonymous in 2007, “is a corruption of lol which stands for laugh out loud.” 4chan and related chans are well known for elaborate trolling such as when they posed as feminists on twitter to promote a fake feminist campaign to #EndFathersDay. Despite being well known for purposely spreading false information and trolling gullible idiots, it seems as if some people still can’t help but fall for their pranks time and time again. It doesn’t help that 4chan and 8chan, through their problematic senses of humor, have also become a safe haven for actual neo-nazis and related bigots who truly do seem to believe in various conspiracy theories including those laid out in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

Like any good conspiracy theory, there is always a grain of truth to it. While the accusations of Satanic ritual abuse likely stem from the same antisemitic blood libel conspiracies spouted in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the #MeToo movement has exposed numerous sexual abuse scandals in Hollywood, politics, and elsewhere and the arrest of notorious child sex trafficker and sexual abuser Jeffrey Epstein has exposed even more high profile people who took part in his abuse of children, including Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton, and even Trump himself.

This is not new news for many who had already been paying attention. Trump had previously referred to Epstein’s love for young girls while praising him as a great friend and claiming that they both like their women on the younger end. Trump was also accused of raping a 13 year old girl at one of Epstein’s notorious sex parties. This lines up well with the claims made by underaged contestants in Trump-owned beauty pageants who complained about him regularly walking into their dressing rooms while they were changing, something Trump has literally bragged about doing. This also fits with the long pattern of sexual abuse accusations made against Trump and his buddy Bill Clinton through the years. Yet, QAnon followers believe his friendship with Epstein and the Clintons was him acting as an undercover agent since at least the 90s and that the abuse accusations are another deep state conspiracy. As to his own words? Well they seem to usually just ignore that almost entirely.

We know there are elite child sex trafficking operations, abuse cover ups, and online “red rooms” and similar situations in which children are murdered for the pleasure of truly twisted people, but it is not just tied to one political party or set of politics. Trump was part of the same Hollywood circles alongside abusers like Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey for decades before becoming a politician. He visited Epstein’s island and invited Epstein to Mar-a-Lago on multiple occasions, only kicking him out after a business deal gone bad, and only later claiming it was due to Epstein’s sexually abusive behavior. Trump is not trying to take these people down, he is one of them. He’s not trying to drain the swamp, he’s part of the swamp.

But the cult of statism is strong for some and the particular breed of statism in the so-called united states breeds hyperpartisanship which leads people to see their side as the heroes and the other side as the enemies no matter how much the evidence says differently. Nevermind the fact that it was the largely leftist #MeToo movement that outed many of the people that the QAnon conspiracists use as proof that Trump’s campaign to out abusers is working, #MeToo is still dismissed as awful feminist propaganda and Trump gets all the credit instead. Nevermind that Q’s predictions regularly fall flat or are disproven just like nearly every other prank from Anonymous, the deep state is just interfering with Trump’s plan and this time Anonymous is telling the truth, unlike every other time. These people look like fools and entirely lack the self-awareness to realize it. 4channers and 8channers have always pulled these types of pranks and this is just more of the same, the only difference being is that they found a much more gullible audience than usual. And the worst part is, they’re now holding #SaveTheChildren rallies which are obscuring the real fight against child sex trafficking by infusing it with utter bullshit.

Yes, we need to be out there demanding justice for the victims of politicians, celebrities, and business elites. Yes we need to be investigating more into Epstein’s connections and taking down those involved. Yes, we need to be holding Netflix accountable for the Cuties scandal. Yes, we need to abolish Child Protective Services whose foster program is allegedly responsible for the abuse of at least 88% of missing child sex trafficking victims. Yes, we need to do all these things but mixing that with antisemitic claims that there is an evil Satanic cabal of elites drinking baby blood to preserve their youth just serves to discredit anything real coming from that movement and claiming Trump is trying to take these scum down merely serves to boost Trump’s power and preserve the status and statist quo while mirroring Hitler’s exploitation of similar theories to secure his own power grab.

Despite the huge amount of police officers being outed for child sex abuse and accusations that many police are involved in various child trafficking operations, Trump is out there throwing his full support behind the police and trying to take down the very movement trying to defund them and lessen their power and ability to continue their abuse. Despite ICE agents being caught sexually abusing children and a large amount of immigrant children winding up missing, Trump is continuing to spout xenophobic nonsense and throwing his full support behind ICE, while drowning out the call to divest from and abolish the agency entirely. Trump is criticizing the #MeToo movement and the very activists attempting to out these abusers and hold them accountable. While he is wishing Ghislaine Maxwell the best and showing support for misguided QAnon supporters, the real activists tackling these abuse cases are being harassed and threatened by the very same QAnoners claiming they wish to stop this abuse.

QAnon is just an attempt to keep people supporting the state at a time when its worst aspects are being exposed to the public at large. As long as people believe Trump is helping to solve these issues, people will continue to support the state instead of tearing it down and that’s why Trump has thrown his support behind a 4chan prank spun absolutely out of control. If these gullible people were to realize the truth, they would be teaming up with the #MeToo movement and such a movement rightly directed by leftist thought would be more likely to realize that these power structures themselves allow for such abuse on such a mass scale. Such realization would mean that people would have to confront not just the individuals involved but the power structures themselves, threatening the entire function of the state. The only way to truly end this abuse is to tear down the state and capitalist hierarchies and to create a more horizontal system based on consent and accountability. The only way to end the abuse and truly save the children is anarchy.

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