This Week in Fascism #74: The Details in the Devil

By This Week in Fascism

Welcome, fellow antifascists! This week, a look at how Trump is pushing for far-Right violence and authoritarian rule; how people at a migrant concentration camp in Georgia are being forcibly sterilized according to a whistle-blower; a report on a Clackamas County Sheriff’s Deputy spreading rumors that antifa started the fires in the Pacific Northwest and advising a militia on how to get away with murder; a new witness in the police killing of activist Michael Reinoehl, who says that the cops didn’t try to arrest him before opening fire. Plus, doxxes of Proud Boys, the American Identity Movement, Identity Dixie, and the League of the South. Also, how you can help counter a Proud Boys rally in Philadelphia this Saturday!

Without further ado, let’s begin!


Trump Claims the Election is Rigged & Embraces Political Assassination, Right Pushes for Authoritarian Rule as Trump Calls for Extended Presidency

In the last few weeks, while continuing to trail Biden in the polls, Trump has escalated his far-Right rhetoric and push towards growing authoritarianism. This has included:

“And 52 days from now we’re going to win Nevada, and we’re going to win four more years in the White House,” Trump told the mostly maskless, non-socially-distant crowd of his supporters on Saturday. “And then after that, we’ll negotiate, right? Because we’re probably — based on the way we were treated — we are probably entitled to another four after that.”

Michael Caputo, 58, the assistant secretary of public affairs at the Department of Health and Human Services, said without evidence that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was harboring a “resistance unit” determined to undermine President Trump.

The top communications official at the powerful cabinet department in charge of combating the coronavirus made [these] outlandish and false claims on Sunday [stating] that career government scientists were engaging in “sedition” in their handling of the pandemic and that left-wing hit squads were preparing for armed insurrection after the election.

  • Trump has also embraced the murders in Kenosha carried out by Trump supporter and militia member, Kyle Rittenhouse, calling it an act of self-defense. Meanwhile, Trump has also praised the State murder of left-wing Portland protester, Michael Reinoehl, who several weeks ago, shot and killed a member of the far-Right group, Patriot Prayer, in an act that Reinoehl called self-defense, after hundreds of far-Right Trump supporters flooded into downtown Portland to attack and beat people on the street. As Patrick Martin wrote:

Trump also defended the police assassination of Michael Reinoehl, the anti-fascist protester from Portland gunned down Sept. 3 by police belonging to the federally-led Pacific Northwest Violent Offenders Task Force. He emphasized his personal role in ordering the killing of Reinoehl, saying, “Two-and-a-half days went by and I put out when are you going to go get him? The US Marshals went in to get him.”

He continued, “The US Marshals killed him and I will tell you something, that’s the way it has to be. There has to be retribution when you have crime like this. There can’t be guys standing up that want to fight…”

As Trump trails in the polls, he continues to double-down on conspiracy theories, marshaling his forces within law enforcement and the DHS, and also calling for those on the far-Right to be deputized as an auxiliary force to the State.

Whistle-blower Claims Georgia ICE Concentration Camp Performing Systematic forced Sterilizations

According to Raw Story:

The whistleblower complaint, filed on behalf of a nurse at Irwin County, Georgia, ICE Detention Center (ICDC), also charges “jarring medical neglect,” Law & Crime reports, “including a refusal to test detainees for the novel coronavirus.”

One detainee said: “When I met all these women who had had surgeries, I thought this was like an experimental concentration camp. It was like they’re experimenting with our bodies.”

The whistleblower said there is one gynecologist in particular who is performing the hysterectomies at an alarming rate.

“Everybody he sees has a hysterectomy—just about everybody,” said Dawn Wooten, “everybody’s uterus cannot be that bad.”

When you have people in the White House who read white supremacist literature, are you surprised to see our government apparently practicing eugenics?

Where did you think all of this was going?

— Michael Edison Hayden (@MichaelEHayden) September 14, 2020

Sheriff’s Deputy Claims ‘Antifa’ Started Forest Fires, Tells Militia How to Get Away With Murder

STATEMENT re: inappropriate comments made by Patrol deputy —

— Clackamas Sheriff (@ClackCoSheriff) September 12, 2020

Mark Nikolai, a Clackamas County Sheriff’s Deputy has been placed on leave, pending an investigation, after he was caught on camera claiming that antifascists were responsible for the wildfires ravaging the Pacific Northwest. He was speaking to a group of militia members who had set up a checkpoint, forcing motorists to present IDs before passing through.

“Antifa motherfuckers are out causing hell. And there are a lot of lives at stake, and a lot of people’s property at stake because these guys have got some vendetta,” Nikolai was recorded saying.

However, the Sheriff’s Office has refused to comment on a separate video, where what appears to be the same deputy also instructs a militia on how to get away with murder.

“Be careful, there are some laws that revolve around what you’re going to do. Don’t get yourself jammed up. Because you might be thinking you’re doing the right thing, but next thing you know, you’ve got criminal charges,” the deputy said. “You guys all mean to do good. Your heart’s in the right place, but the fucking courts nowadays don’t care where your heart is. The courts don’t give a shit what you’re trying to do.”

“What is the law?” asks one militia member.

“You have to fear for your life. Imminent, serious physical threats. Trust me, I am on your side, people. I wouldn’t have this shit happen in my neighborhood, either, but be smart about it…. I’m telling you to help you out.”

The far-Right law enforcement outlet, Law Enforcement today has been instrumental in pushing these conspiracies, as were other far-Right conspiracy outlets such as The Gateway Pundit and far-Right groups like the Proud Boys.

Far-Right outlets and commentators spread an unfounded rumor that the wildfires had been spread by antifascist activists. Mother Jones reported that the rumors were boosted by Russia Today just 24 hours after they began on social media.

Head of the racist conspiracy-theory website Gateway Pundit, Jim Hoft, pushing ‘antifa arson’ articles which are flooding social media with disinformation.

— It’s Going Down (@IGD_News) September 12, 2020

NBC News reported that the rumors were so prevalent that callers were jamming police phone lines, attempting to encourage the police to arrest antifascist activists. In an effort to maintain their communications infrastructure, at least six separate police agencies issued social media pleas, asking residents not to call them with rumors about antifascists starting fires.

Days after the rumors spread, Facebook announced that it would be taking down articles and posts spreading the disinformation campaign.

“We are removing false claims that the wildfires in Oregon were started by certain groups,” tweeted Andy Stone, Facebook spokesperson. “This is consistent with our past efforts to remove content that could lead to imminent harm given the possible risk to human life as the fires rage on.”

Michael Reinoehl Shot Without Warning, Says Minister Who Witnessed the Killing

Police shot Portland slaying suspect without warning or trying to arrest him first, witness says

— The Washington Post (@washingtonpost) September 10, 2020

A new witness has come forward in the police shooting death of Michael Reinoehl, a leftist activist who killed Patriot Prayer associate Aaron “Jay” Danielson in an apparent act of self-defense.

A 39-year-old minister who lives in the apartment complex where Reinoehl was killed by police, told Oregon Live that officers did not attempt to arrest Reinoehl or even issue any commands before opening fire.

As the Washington Post wrote:

[The witness, an] ordained minister, said he fears reprisals from far-right groups and police for describing what he saw unfolding outside his apartment.

In fact, according to [the witness, Reinoehl] was clutching a cellphone and eating a gummy worm as he walked to his car outside an apartment complex in Lacey, Wash. That’s when officers opened fire without first announcing themselves or trying to arrest him…

“We sent in the US Marshals for the killer, the young man who killed the young man in the streets. He shot him, cold-blooded killed him. He didn’t like his hat, or he didn’t like something, and it wasn’t a Trump hat. It was a religious hat. And he shot him cold blood. Two-and-a-half days went by, and I put out, when are you going to go get him? And the US Marshals went in to get him…. This guy was a violent criminal, and the US Marshals killed him. And I will tell you something – that’s the way it has to be. There has to be retribution when you have crime like this,” President Trump told Fox News.


CV Vitolo-Haddad Outed as Racefaker, Platformed Neo-Nazis

OK, so have y’all heard about the latest instance of blackfishing?

here is where she got outed

— Motha Sucka (@thejournalista) September 9, 2020

On September 4th, on the heels of the Jessica Krug race faking debacle, an anonymous Medium post went up about Countering Violent Extremism researcher and problematic leftist activist CV Vitolo-Haddad, outing them as having lied about their race and ethnicity since 2014. Vitolo-Haddad, who’s last name is a hyphenation of their family name and the name they have from a previous marriage, began first identifying as a person of color as early as 2014 while coaching at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The author of the Medium post states that they long-suspected CV of lying about their identity but hesitated to out CV for a number of reasons including “…CV’s public performance of an anti-fascist politic and their abundant critiques of racism in leftist organizing.” This is a concern that many leftist and antifascist organizers shared.

In response to the anonymous post, CV responded by shutting down all their social media. On September 6th, CV posted their own response to being outed as a white person in a Medium post titled “A First Step.” In this post, they offer a half-hearted apology but never admit to their whiteness. On September 8th, CV published another Medium post titled “A Second Step,” this time admitting to being “Southern Italian/Sicilian.” Worth noting that in the post, CV never actually admits to being white.

Since then, many organizers and peers of CV have come forward with their concerns about CV, including Colorado Spring Anti-Fascists, who wrote a thread about CV’s problematic behavior over the years. In it, they share that while pretending to be Black, CV frequently “whitewashed comrades of color and accused them of perpetuating white supremacy.” To add to their hostile interactions with other activists, CV’s twitter header was a fashwave image with the same fascist symbol used by Operation Werewolf. CV’s interaction with fascist and white supremacist figures have long concerned antifascist activists but CV would never allow themselves to hear criticism or concerns, no matter how valid. CV had far-right grifting “journalist” Andy Ngo on their podcast while pretending to be Black. In October of 2016, CV published Part 1 of the Proud Boys Series, a series which shows they had direct contact with white nationalists, and much of it was done in a friendly, lighthearted manner. In September 2019, CV extended a public invitation to white supremacist Steffan Molyneux to debate them.

While CV was platforming neo-Nazis and white supremacists, all while pretending to be Black, they were also picking fights with antifascists and publishing Medium articles complaining about Nazis getting deplatformed. As Colorado Springs Anti-Fascist reports, “CV was also involved in an “anti-terror” group called Light Upon Light that launders the reputation of neo-Nazis to falsely claim they are reformed. They also work with an anti-Muslim hate group called The Clarion Project.”

In response to the first and second steps published by CV, a collective of individuals who had direct interaction with and were harmed by CV published a master document that tracks CV’s actions including their racial fraud, their academic dishonesty, and their interaction with fascists called “A Third Step.” As the story continues to unfold, academic institutions that were associated with CV have published statements distancing themselves from CV, removing CV from positions of power, and opening up investigations into CV’s background.

Proud Boys Get Kicked Off of MailChimp, Lose Their Online Store Four Hours Later

All SaaS/tech companies should aspire to @mailchimp‘s fast & fearless response system when it comes to handling reports of white supremacist & domestic terror groups.

The Chimp canceled Proud Boys account in < 2 hours, setting an example for what’s possible

— Nandini Jammi (@nandoodles) September 8, 2020

This week, the Proud Boys were kicked off of mass-mailing service MailChimp, and just hours later, lost both the payment processor for their online store as well as the site itself, formerly hosted at – infamous for selling shirts advocating the killing of antifascists and left-wing activists.

Sleeping Giants co-founder Nandini Jammi tweeted at MailChimp, alerting them that the violent hate group was using their services. In less than two hours, the account had been terminated.

“Thank you for reporting this. We immediately investigated and have terminated this account,” the company tweeted.

Not content with one deplatforming per day, Jammi also sent an email to donations platform Philanthro, alerting that the service was being used to process payments to the Proud Boys.

“The ID belongs to an organization named ‘Enrique Tarrio for Congress.’ When we looked up the name, various articles appeared listing Enrique Tarrio as the Chairman of the Proud Boys. Their ability to raise funds have been terminated effective immediately,” the company wrote to Jammi in an email.

Meanwhile, @GoDaddy continues to platform the “Proud Boy” store where they sell things like this

— We Will Be Ruthless (@RuthlessWe) September 8, 2020

Going for the deplatforming hat-trick, antifascist researcher RuthlessWe immediately alerted web host GoDaddy that the Proud Boys were using their service to run the online store. Hours later, the site had been removed from the internet.


CJ Francisco, Proud Boy of Scottsbluff Nebraska

Meet CJ Francisco of Scottsbluff Nebraska a member of the @splcenter designated hate group the “Proud Boys.” He works at “Farmers Irrigation”

*Action Item Included

— We Will Be Ruthless (@RuthlessWe) September 8, 2020

Originally identified in 2018 by Nebraska Antifascists, RuthlessWe has caught up with the whereabouts of CJ Fransciso of Scottsbluff, Nebraska. Francisco is a member of SPLC-designated hate group, the Proud Boys. He was originally outed for his participation in a Proud Boy recruitment drive. Since then, Francisco has continued his efforts to promote racist and violent views among his fellow members and in his community. His social media hosts content blaming former President Obama for racism, memes of Hitler, and celebrations of Kenosha killer Kyle Rittenhouse, who crossed state lines into Kenosha, Wisconsin to shoot and kill two anti-police protesters and injured one other.

Francisco works for Farmers Irrigation District. Ruthless We are asking concerned members of the community to reach out to his workplace and let them know that they employ a violent member of the hate group, Proud Boys.

Phone: (308) 632-4921

Andrew White, Proud Boy and III% Militia Member from Las Vegas

West Fest is happening right now, so we felt it would be appropriate to talk about fascist Proud Boy and Threeper Andrew White from Las Vegas.

Here he is partying with Proud Boy leaders Gavin McInness and Enrique Tarrio.

— Corvallis Against Fascism (@CVAgainstFash) September 12, 2020

Corvalis Antifascist in collaboration with RuthlessWe have identified Proud Boy and III% militia member Andrew White from Las Vegas, Nevada. In addition to those affiliations, White is part of the National Reformation Party (formerly the American Blackshirt Party). The group are self-described fascists who base their ideology on that of Benito Mussolini. White celebrates fascist icons like Mussolini and Oswald Mosley, as well as the spread of fascism throughout Europe.

White has spent the weekend in Las Vegas partying with other Proud Boys like Enrique Tarrio and Gavin McGinnes at their annual event, West Fest. White’s views are violent and dangerous. Las Vegas, stay vigilant.

Todd M. Clark, New Hampshire Proud Boy President and neo-Nazi of Cheshire County, New Hampshire

1/ The Proud Boys are rallying in Philly on the 19th and Portland on 26th.

Meet “Redleg,” aka Todd M. Clark, of Cheshire County, New Hampshire.

He’s the President of the NH Proud Boys and runs Proud Boys Uncensored, the largest PB channel on Telegram.

Clark is also a neo-Nazi.

— AntiFash Gorgon (@AntiFashGordon) September 12, 2020

Antifash Gordon dropped the dox on New Hampshire Proud Boy President Todd Clark of Cheshire Country, New Hampshire. In addition to his elder status within the Proud Boys, Clark, who goes by the pseudonym “Redleg,” also runs Proud Boys Uncensored, the largest PB channel on Telegram. As is the case for most Proud Boys, Clark is a neo-Nazi.

The Proud Boys Uncensored channel shares a variety of racist content, introducing PB members to further-right content, like Eric Striker (real name Joseph Jordan), neo-Nazi podcast host at The Right Stuff, and Striker’s “National Justice” website. Every day, Clark shares a variety of antisemitic conspiracy theories to his audience, which is 7157 subscribers as of this writing. The Proud Boys Uncensored channel also celebrates the death of George Floyd and describes anti-police protests as “African levels of violence.”

Clark supports his racist activism by asking Telegram subscribers to shop on @AmazonHelp via an affiliate link. Read the full thread to learn about how antifascist activists were able to track Clark down.

James Michael Simpson, League of the South Affiliate, Greensboro, North Carolina

Triad area of NC

1) You need to be aware of a threat to your community: James Michael Simpson aka Jim Dei aka Jim Baptizer of Greensboro, NC.

There a lot to unpack including League of the South affiliation, terrorist worship, institutionalization, and arrest.

— Identify Dixie (content warning) (@IdentifyDixie) September 10, 2020

Identify Dixie released the identity of League of the South affiliate James Michael Simpson of Greensboro, North Carolina. Simpson, who uses the pseudonyms ‘Jim Dei’ and ‘Jim Baptizer,’ regularly references RaHoWa on his social media, an abbreviated version of Racial Holy War and is often used as a white supremacist dog-whistle. Simpson is an anti-Semite and routinely uses anti-Semitic slurs and content on his pseudonymous social media profiles. His anti-Semitic views go hand in hand with his racist views toward Black people and though he doesn’t have a lot of activity on his Twitter account, most of it is overtly racist.

His Facebook profile’s aren’t much different, hosting images of the sonnenrad, or black sun (a symbol frequently used in neo-Nazi imagery) and League of the South insignia. He apparently has two or more VK profiles where he posted the El Paso shooter’s manifesto in its entirety. It’s possible that Simpson is teaching English at Durham Tech. Greensboro residents please be aware of James Michael Simpson. He is an absolute danger to the community.

Jason Finney of Identity Evropa/American Identity Movement of Chicago 43rd Ward GOP Committeeperson

.@ILGOP @SeanMMorrison did good by getting word out to stop actual Nazi Art Jones but another white nationalist snuck in, ran unopposed & is currently a 43rd Ward Committeeperson + @rjobrien analyst in #Chicago

Meet Jason Finney of Identity Evropa

— Panic! in the Discord (@discord__panic) September 10, 2020

Antifascist activists with Panic! In the Discord recently discovered Jason David Finney, Chicago’s 43rd Ward GOP Committeeperson, is a member of American Identity Movement (AmIM), formerly Identity Evropa. Finney’s communication with the group was previously published via Unicorn Riot and it’s through these leaked chats that antifascists were able to connect Finney to his username, David Yates. American Identity Movement members are encouraged to run for public office and though he tried to hide his affiliations with a white nationalist group, there were a handful of slip-ups that lead to his identity being exposed. Finney was captured in CBS camera footage from 2018 with fellow members of American Identity Movement as they were putting up, and then subsequently taking down an anti-immigration banner at the Oak Park overpass in Chicago. He has also participated in hanging flyers for AmIM.

Before filing his paperwork for 43rd Ward Committeeperson, Jason posted vitriolic racist, anti-feminism, anti-Muslim, anti-immigration rhetoric to a Facebook group that he admined called Chicago Conservatives. Currently and in addition to his political office, Jason works as a credit analyst at RJ O’Brien.

For the full picture of Finney’s ties to white nationalist organizing, check out the full story here. Concerned members of the community are encouraged to let Jason’s bosses at RJ O’Brien know that their employee is a dues-paying white nationalist group member:

Jake Shea, Member of Rise Above Movement, Costa Mesa, California

This man’s name is Jake Thomas Shea. He’s 29 years old. Jake Shea owns Clean Cut Movers SC.

— Berkeley Antifa (@berkeleyantifa) September 10, 2020

Berkeley Antifa exposed local mover and member of the Rise Above Movement, Jake Shea of Costa Mesa, California. Rise Above Movement, as stated by the SPLC, “is an overtly racist, violent right-wing fight club that attends rallies around the country to do open combat with counter-protesters.” Shea makes his racism and affiliations well known because of a handful of large tattoos on his arms, including a RAM tattoo. Shea regularly posts photos of him training and working out with other RAM members and gave RAM leader, Robert Rundo, a job at his moving company, Clean Cut Movers SC, who’s branding and marketing contains all kinds of racist dog whistles. Unsurprisingly, other Clean Cut Movers employees also have racist tattoos.

Recently, it appears that Jake Shea has taken a trip to Serbia, where Robert Rundo currently lives. Costa Mesa residents please be aware of Rise Above Movement member and Clean Cut Movers SC owner Jake Shea.

John “Braden” Nicholas Plyler, Identity Dixie, North Carolina

John “Braden” Nicholas Plyler is not yet 21, but has a story to tell.

1) From NC Students for Trump Social Media Director to Russian Orthodox theology student in 4 years. In the middle he started a pro-Monarcy org and was a child member of hate group Identity Dixie.

— Identify Dixie (content warning) (@IdentifyDixie) September 9, 2020

Identify Dixie uncovered another member of neo-Confederate hate group Identity Dixie, John “Braden” Nicholas Plyer. Plyer was previously the NC Students for Trump Social Media Director and eventually became a Russian Orthodox theology student in the span of 4 years. Once Plyer took over as social media director for NC Students for Trump, the posts were filled with racist and anti-Semitic dog whistles.

Before Trump took office, Plyer created the “Counter Revolution”; an organization designed to promote the idea of monarchy in the United States. It didn’t take off as well as he hoped, however, two months after the creation of Identity Dixie, the Counter Revolution caught the attention of the hosts of the Identity Dixie podcast Rebel Yell. Plyer was subsequently invited on as a guest. Shortly thereafter, Identity Dixie added Plyer to their main chat room for members, specifically by Will Galloway, a “Knight of the Golden Circle,” their top leadership.

Check out the thread for more details and to learn more about Identity Dixie.

Call to Action

ALERTA! Proud Boys to Rally in Clark Park, West Philly same day as a Pro-Columbus Rally in Marconi Park, South Philly!

— Idavox (@IdavoxOPP) September 9, 2020

When: Saturday, September 19th, 2020 @ 1:00pm – 4:00pm

Where: Clark Park, 4300-4398 Baltimore Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19104, USA

When a hate rally is pending, people like to tell folks to stay home and ignore it. But what if a violent hate group whose rallies are pretty much geared to be violent comes directly to you?

That’s what it looks like the Proud Boys are planning for the 19th. Originally they announced that they were going to hold a rally on the 26th in South Philadelphia in conjunction with the one Proud Boys are holding in Portland, Oregon, but now comes word that because of conflicts with the Portland rally (they want to be there) they are doing a rally the Saturday before in Clark Park in West Philadelphia. The timing and location of this rally is telling as hell – not to mention that they are calling it “Belly of the Beast 2020” and they “and other patriots” are going there “to demand an end to antifa terrorism.”

Normally this is the date and location of the Uhuru Flea Market, a regular thing that has been taking place for 20+ years in the park every third Saturday from April to October. The pandemic shutdown has caused such events to be canceled until at least Feb. 2021, but this is where a lot of West Philly locals who made it clear that they do not care for Proud Boys, in particular recently by causing a neighborhood bar and venue a lot of grief for supporting them, like to come regardless and take in the day, so Proud Boys want to have a go at them. The group is basically trying to pick fights all over the country, and the police chief that was giving them leeway in Portland for three years is now the Philadelphia Police Commissioner. That doesn’t mean that people will not be able to keep them from using their neighborhood as a playground for far-Right, pro-Trump violence. They are working to oppose them now.

Photo from the originally Uhuru Flea Market SOURCE: Twitter

And here’s where it gets interesting: Philadelphia Proud Boys have a rough go of it, pretty much being regulated to trash talk online, sneaking around IRL and latching onto other people’s events so they can do something worth a damn. But they think they have a little juice via the knuckleheads that were trying – in vain – to save the Columbus statue by physically attacking anyone that comes near it – which is actually the catalyst which has resulted in plans to take it down. So we expect them to show up two hours before this rally at another one in Marconi Park in South Philly. That’s a rally organized by an outfit calling itself “Italian American Patriots” that is still trying to save the now-boarded up Columbus statue. The 26th rally was touted as protecting Italian Heritage, but now that this event was announced, they might have decided to use this as cover – which means Philly has a full day.

On Sept. 26th PDX is once again facing an invasion of fascists threatening violence in our community.

We are partnering with a growing coalition of organizations showing up to say:


There is community growing in PDX, we will defend it!#BloomPDX

— PopMob (Popular Mobilization) (@PopMobPDX) September 11, 2020

This is just one of a few rallies the Proud Boys have planned over the next few months. In addition to the one in Portland, there will be one in Columbus, Ohio as well.

Support Our Prisoners

  • Support those arrested during the going rebellion! Check out list of bail funds here.
  • Support Gage Halupowski! Currently serving a six year sentence. There is currently an outbreak at his prison, so please step up and support! More info here.
  • Support David Campbell! Currently serving a year. More info here.
  • Support Eric King! Anarchist and antifascist prisoner who has been targeted by the State and neo-Nazi inmates for being ‘ANTIFA.’ More info here. Donate here.

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It’s Been 19 Years Since 9/11 and We Still Need to Abolish ICE

By Logan Marie Glitterbomb

When people talk about the post-9/11 world in terms of politics, most think of the USA PATRIOT Act, the Department of Homeland Security, unwarranted wiretapping, and forever wars but rarely is ICE mentioned in the same breathe despite Immigration and Customs Enforcement being a direct result of the post–9/11 policy of the so-called american government.

ICE was established under the Homeland Security Act of 2002 in response to 9/11, combining the criminal investigative and intelligence resources of the United States Customs Service, the criminal investigative, detention, and deportation resources of the Immigration and Naturalization Service, and briefly the Federal Protective Service, which later became part of the National Protection and Programs Directorate in 2009. From 2003 to 2005, ICE also included the Federal Air Marshals Service which was part of the TSA before and since. ICE is the largest investigative arm of the DHS and the second largest contributor to the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force.

In our current political climate, ICE has become a hot button issue. With Trump’s constant barrage of anti-immigrant rhetoric, people have started paying more attention to the practices of ICE, including the separation of children from their families and their literal detention camps with horrendous conditions that leave many traumatized and others dead. At times ICE has even been suspected by some of sex trafficking. I have personally known people whose immigration papers were torn to shreds in front of their faces by ICE agents during raids on their workplaces. It seems that even coming here through the legal channels doesn’t make one safe from ICE’s grasp.

And the call for the abolition of ICE has grown so strong that it has reached the halls of congress, with politicians such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, Rashida Tlaib, and Justin Amash supporting ICE’s abolition. The Defund ICE movement has seen growing support from the public with people boycotting companies such as Amazon who contract with ICE (on that note, buy our books from our own C4SS store, NOT from Amazon).

Some seem unable to envision a world without ICE and become weary of such calls but many of those same people seem unaware of how young ICE really is and why it was actually formed. Reminding people that ICE is post-9/11 War on Terror policy places the battle firmly beside the fight against the PATRIOT Act, the TSA, and endless warfare. It is all a part of the same machine. As Reason and others have pointed out, abolishing ICE is only the first step. We also need to abolish the entire Department of Homeland Security along with it. So let’s honor those killed in the 9/11 attacks by not giving into terroristic threats and trading liberty for the false sense of security. Let’s reclaim our freedoms and abolish ICE.

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This Week in Fascism #73: State Applauds Extra-Judicial Murder of Michael Reinoehl; American Wolf Fundraises for Kyle Rittenhouse

By This Week in Fascism

Welcome, fellow antifascists! This week, we’ve got coverage of a federal fugitive task force killing a Portland based activist, “Boogaloo Bois” trying to hire themselves out as mercenaries to feds posing as Hamas, plus doxxes of Identity Dixie, Proud Boys, militia members, and the donors to a fundraiser for Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse.

Without further ado, let’s begin!


Federal Fugitive Task Force Kills Activist Michael Reinoehl

Michael Reinoehl, a Portland-based leftist activist and father of two, was killed this week by a federal fugitive task force. Reinoehl shot and killed Patriot Prayer activist Aaron Danielson in an altercation, when a pro-Trump caravan altered its course to drive through downtown Portland, with right-wing activists shooting paintballs, mace, and attacking members of the public and anti-racist protesters.

In an interview shortly before his death, Reinoehl told Vice News that Danielson “threatened him and another protester with a knife.” Though the arrest warrant sworn for Reinoehl makes no mention of a knife, this is consistent with Portland Tribune reporter Zane Sparling’s account that Danielson and his associate, Chandler Pappas, were armed with paintball guns and knives earlier that day.

WWeek went even farther, reporting that Danielson was armed with a metal baton, mace, a loaded Glock 17 handgun, and three magazines of ammunition at the time of his death. Justin Dunlap, a livestreamer, told CNN that “I heard like three seconds of yelling and saw a guy spray bear mace. The victim sprayed mace and launched it right into the other guy.”

Reinoehl told Vice News that after he killed Danielson and was identified by users of 4chan’s far-right /pol/ board, “shots were fired into his house just hours after the incident. ‘They’re out hunting me,’ he said. ‘There’s nightly posts of the hunt and where they’re going to be hunting. They made a post saying the deer are going to feel lucky this year because it’s open season on Michael right now.’”

After the attempt on his life, Reinoehl kept a handgun on him, and went to stay with a friend, 120 miles outside Portland, where he was ultimately killed by police.

A press release from the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office claims that “the wanted subject [Reinoehl] came out of the apartment and got into a vehicle to leave. During the attempt to apprehend him, shots were fired at the suspect in the vehicle and he fled from the vehicle on foot. Additional shots were fired at the suspect and he was later pronounced dead at the location.” The press release made no mention of Reinoehl firing at officers.

As Tess Owen pointed in VICE, witnesses offered conflicting accounts of exactly how Reinoehl’s death occurred, with some claiming Reinoehl was armed with a handgun, and others claiming he had an assault rifle, which he fired at police. However, the Sheriff’s Office claims that Reinoehl had only a handgun on his person, but refused to say whether or not he fired at officers.

Though police have made no mention of Reinoehl firing his gun, Reuters noted that “witnesses told reporters a hail of bullets put out car windows and hit nearby homes.”

“The tracking down of Reinoehl — a dangerous fugitive, admitted Antifa member, and suspected murderer — is a significant accomplishment in the ongoing effort to restore law and order to Portland and other cities. I applaud the outstanding cooperation among federal, state, and local law enforcement, particularly the fugitive task force team that located Reinoehl and prevented him from escaping justice,” said Attorney General William Barr in an official statement from the Department of Justice.

The Portland Police Bureau has allowed the far-Right to attack Portland residents for years, and in some cases, even conspired with them, after an investigation found that PPB Officer Jeff Niiya was exchanging friendly texts with Patriot Prayer leader Joey Gibson, sending him the location of antifascist activists at events and apprising him on the open warrants of his followers. While Portland police brutalize protesters, medics, journalists, and National Lawyers Guild observers in the streets, they allow the far-Right to attack Portland residents with impunity.

But when Portland residents like Reinoehl defend themselves from organized and proven deadly far-Right violence, they are charged with murder and executed in a hail of bullets from deputized federal agents. Caught between the State’s inaction on far-Right terror, brutalization of anti-racist protesters, and the ever-present threat of the far-Right assaulting leftists in the streets, the State leaves our communities with few alternatives other than autonomous self-defense.

RIP, Michael Reinoehl.

Boogaloo Bois” Charged With Trying to Hire Themselves Out as Mercenaries to Fed Posing as Hamas

Two Boogaloo wannabes, Michael Solomon and Benjamin Teeter, were charged with attempting to provide material support to a foreign terror organization after a federal agent posing as a Hamas member conspired with them to manufacture untraceable guns, and discussed hiring them as mercenaries for Hamas.

Both men attempted to insert themselves into the Minneapolis protests mere days after it began. Newsweek offered a fawning profile of Solomon, calling him one of the “armed Minneapolis citizens” who “guarded a tobacco store from looters.”

Solomon was quickly identified by antifascist researchers, who documented his far-Right and Boogaloo connections, but Newsweek never offered a correction.

Teeter, from North Carolina, was part of a Boogaloo group called Blue Igloo that menaced a Black family during a Re-Open protest in May, wielding guns and an oversized pipe wrench, with one member performing a Sieg Heil. Despite the fact that North Carolina outlaws carrying a weapon during a protest, Teeter was not arrested or cautioned by police for the incident.

Two weeks later, Teeter was on the ground in Minneapolis, as documented in photos by MN United Against Fascism. Though Teeter remained in the city for months, antifascist groups monitored his movements on the ground, to keep him away from protesters.


Stephen Louis Urciolo, Identity Dixie member of Knoxville, TN

Antifascist activists Identify Dixie recently uncovered the identity of Identity Dixie member aka Stephen Louis Urciolo. Stephen goes by many pseudonyms including Stephen Louis, Stephano Luigi and Cledus Snow. Stephen is pictured rocking hawaiian t-shirts with fellow Identity Dixie Members such as Jim O’Brien and Identity Dixie leader Patrick Bishop.

Stephen is active on social media and weighs in on lots of different race-related issues and figures such as Dylann Roof, Tucker Carlson, Rhodesia, and his preferred method of indoctrination. His type of racism is much more covert so as to avoid bans and to maintain plausible deniability but in private chats, he doesn’t really hold back. As Identify Dixie points out, Stephen prefers racist dog whistles because it allows people to become radicalized without even knowing it.

Stephen is a resident of Knoxville, Tennessee.

Scott Edward Chapman, Identity Dixie member of Franklin, TN

Continuing their epic roll this week, Identify Dixie outed another Identity Dixie member Scott Edward Chapman of Franklin, Tennessee. Like other Identity Dixie members, Scott uses a handful of pseudonyms including FatherDabney and GrandDabney in various digital spaces. Scott was outed last year and deleted his twitter account but seemed to have created another one that he’s been active on.

Scott, in addition to posting about his children, has plenty of posts that are overtly racist and anti-Semitic. He references Hitler, “HH” or Heil Hitler, posts his bigoted views about Jews and Black people and is a fanboy for David Duke (former KKK Grand Wizard). Scott is a vocal supporter of the 2017 Unite the Right rally and has expressed his joy about the fear that the Tiki Torch March put in Charlottesville residents. Scott does not hold back. If his twitter feed wasn’t bad enough, his twitter banner is a literal ad for Identity Dixie. Franklin, Tennessee residents, be on the lookout.

Michael “Mickey” A. Windecker II, Sexual Predator, Denver, Colorado

Colorado Springs Anti-Fascists recently sent out a warning to leftist activists of sexual predator and self-described former YPG fighter Michael “Mickey” A. Windecker II. Mickey has been a staple at several anti-police actions in the Denver area over the last few months. He’s known to present himself as militant and authoritarian in protest settings and doesn’t hesitate to bark orders at other activists. Given his presence and attitude and concerns from the community, COSA decided to look into him and because of what they found, opted to warn the community.

In 2005, the Sun-Sentinel reported that Mickey saw a person running from the police and he decided to jump in to help the police catch the individual. In 2011, Mickey was convicted of 3rd degree sexual assault when he was 20 and the victim was 14. In 2017, Jacob Siegal, reporter for the Daily Beast, reported on Mickey’s sexual assault. He did jail time for sexually assaulting a minor and failing to register as a sex offender. To add to the issue, on Mickey’s IMDB, he reports that he had access to and worked with young people through the D.A.R.E. program.

Mickey also alleges that he was a member of the French Foreign Legion. According to COSA, if you look up Mickey’s name, you’ll find a number of people claiming Mickey is a notorious liar and has made up his military involvement. When Mickey frequents protests, he can be seen in fatigues and a Go-Pro on his head and is typically yelling like a drill sergeant at other protesters.

As soon as Mickey found out about the COSA thread warning the community of his presence, he responded with an 8 minute Youtube video where he threatens antifascists multiple times using misogynistic language, and blames the 14 year old he slept with for lying to him about her age. He talks about having killed many people overseas while fighting for the YPG and laments about “the worst thing [he] ever did”, shooting and killing a dog.  You can watch the video here.

Denver Activists are encouraged to be on the lookout for Mickey at protests. He will likely be recording. We don’t need or want folks like him in our spaces.

Saundra Rene Alma, Alt-Right from Albany, Oregon

Antifascist researchers Eugene Antifa have identified Alt-Right Siren Saundra Rene Alma from Albany, Oregon. Originally from California, Saundra coaxes pro-Trump supporters into attacking anti-racist protesters. On Saturday, September 5th, Saundra organized a group of out-of-town Trump supporters to go to Eugene, Oregon, to presumably fight anti-police protesters.

On Thursday, September 3rd, Saundra organized a pro-Trump barbecue at her home near West Albany High School, an area known for far-Right activity. Not much else is known about her at this time but folks with information about her or the people she organizes with are encouraged to reach out to Eugene Antifa by email: eugeneantifa[at]protonmail[dot]com.

Corey Rayburn Lequieu, QAnon supporter, White Nationalist, III% Militia from Carson City, NV

Biggest Little City Antifascists out of Nevada uncovered the identity of Carson City, Nevada resident Corey Rayburn Lequieu. Corey has a handful of affiliations of the white supremacist variety including being a QAnon supporter, a proud white nationalist and III% Militia member.

Corey is an anti-masker who has been spotted at BLM protests in the area. He typically shows up to heckle BLM and anti-police activists. On June 7th, 2020 he showed up alongside a handful of Northern Nevada Light Foot militia members dressed in fatigues to “keep the peace” at a BLM vigil in downtown Reno. Corey’s social media features QAnon content as well as images of Confederate flags.

Residents of Nevada are encouraged to be on the lookout for Corey. For more information on him, please head over to this blog.

Xane James Fisher, Proud Boy from Tacoma, Washington

Antifascist researcher Ruthless We recently identified Tacoma, Washington Proud Boy Xane James Fisher. Fisher is employed by First Creek Middle School but due to the excellent work of concerned community members, has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation.

Carrie Lynn Pierce, Far-Right Mouthpiece of Asheville, NC

Asheville Anti Racism have re-released the identity for far-Right pseudo-news source Skyline News’ investigative journalist, Carrie Lynn Pierce. Part of her job at Skyline is curating harassment campaigns against local antifascist activists which is believed to be retaliation to when she and her husband were doxxed in 2018. Her husband, Cesar Arvelo Santos, was the former Commander of the now-defunct Traditionalist Worker Party.

Carrie uses sock accounts under the names “Heather Wesley” and “Raven Hex.” She has published her doxxes to a website called “White Information Network,” a website run by Michael Carothers AKA Michael Weaver. White Information Network lists James Alex Fields, Jr. as a “Political Prisoner.” Fields is responsible for plowing his car through a group of anti-racist protesters, killing Heather Heyer and injuring many others at the 2017 Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, NC.

Carrie’s ties to white nationalism are deep. As Asheville Anti Racism states, “Carrie Lynn Pierce has a documented, long-standing involvement with the white supremacist movement. She actively works with them to target, harass, and threaten with violence any and all antifascists she perceived as her enemy.”

For a thorough report on Carrie, head over to Asheville Anti Racist blog.

Sayed “Robbie” Javid, Virginia neo-Nazi and NSC Dixie affiliate of Alexandria, Virginia

Antifa Garfield identified genocidal neo-Nazi using the alias “Reform the States” as Alexandria, VA resident Sayed “Robbie” Javid. Robbie was originally ID’d earlier this year by Ruthless We as a member of Patriot Front. “Reform the States” first caught Antifa Garfield’s eye by hosting genocidal and neo-Nazi propaganda. As the “Reform the States” channel operator, Robbie often encouraged subscribers to commit acts of terrorism and violence in the name of white supremacy.

In his role as channel operator, he often posted photos of stickers or vandalism with violent racist and antisemitic messaging that he put up across the Virginia and DC area. Robbie posts explicit encouragement of violence in the telegram channel also worships and spreads the manifestos of white supremacist mass shooters (a crime in several countries).

In 2016, Robbie was arrested after barricading himself in his parent’s Fairfax County home and shooting at police with a pellet gun. Combined with his explicit praise of violence and genocide, this 2016 arrest is extremely concerning and should be a clear indication that Robbie is deeply radicalized and prone to use violence to support his worldview.

Antifa Garfield is asking Virginia and DC residents to be on the lookout for Robbie. If you have any information about Robbie or his associates, please email them at afg161[at]protonmail[dot]com.

American Wolf’s Kyle Rittenhouse Fundraiser

In the wake of murders at the Kenosha, WI protests, American Wolf, a neo-Nazi group set up fundraiser hosted by Fundly to raise money for Kyle Rittenhouse. American Wolf are a neo-Nazi militia in Olympia Washington, who have been likened to the SPLC-designated hate group, the Proud Boys. American Wolf was formed by military veteran Peter Diaz, in response to the George Floyd uprising and BLM protests. Read more about American Wolf here.

Rittenhouse is responsible for killing two anti-police activists and injuring one other. Before the fundraiser was taken down, Panic! in the Discord was able to capture donor information and expose their identities. Below are just a few of the donors and their information but it’s worth heading over to the thread to read through them all.

Support Our Prisoners

  • Support those arrested during the going rebellion! Check out list of bail funds here.
  • Support Gage Halupowski! Currently serving a six year sentence. There is currently an outbreak at his prison, so please step up and support! More info here.
  • Support David Campbell! Currently serving a year. More info here.
  • Support Eric King! Anarchist and antifascist prisoner who has been targeted by the State and neo-Nazi inmates for being ‘ANTIFA.’ More info here. Donate here.

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