Prison Break: Must Be Some Kind Of Way Out Of Here

By Certain Days

With COVID-19 continuing to wreak havoc across the globe, we must pay particular attention to our comrades behind the bars. The extent of overcrowding, medical neglect and lack of resources is becoming more apparent as this virus spreads throughout incarcerated populations. There are important resources by Beyond PrisonsPrison Health News, and Kersplebedeb, and worthy articles by Victoria Lawand Daniel GrossRAPP (Release Aging People in Prison), and a Letter to the Editor of the New York Times by Certain Days calendar collective member and political prisoner David Gilbert.

The vibrant artwork and poignant essay for April in your 2020 Certain Days calendar focuses on the Palestinian struggle and the need for international solidarity. The essay for the month is by the Palestinian BDS National Committee (BNC), and highlights the significance of the Boycott, Divest, and Sanction movement and other solidarity actions. The artwork, created by ZAN studio, translates to read “With our hands we create the future.”

On March 2, Puerto Rican independence fighter and former political prisoner Rafael Cancel Miranda died, age 89, in San Juan. Along with Lolita Lebron, Irving Flores Rodriguez, and Andres Figueroa Cordero, Cancel Miranda opened fire on the U.S. Congress in 1954, injuring several and subsequently serving decades in prison before being pardoned by President Carter. Cancel Miranda never gave up his commitment to the struggle for a free Puerto Rico. Rafael Cancel Miranda Presente!

Here’s a look back at what happened in March, and a look ahead at April.

Political Prisoner Birthdays In April

There are only two political prisoner birthdays in April, so be sure to send a note to each of these long-serving political prisoners of the Black Liberation struggle. Birthday cards mean so much to those inside, so write a letter, host a card writing party, and show your solidarity with those inside. Remember that prisoners at Federal prisons (USPs and FCIs) cannot receive cards, colored paper, or colored ink.

April 11:

Romaine Fitzgerald, #B-27527
California State Prison – LAC
PO Box 4490
Lancaster, CA 93539
*Address envelope to Romaine, letter to Chip

April 24:

Smart Communications/PADOC
Mumia Abu-Jamal, #AM8335
SCI Mahanoy
PO Box 33028
St. Petersburg, FL 33733


On March 12, following the attempted suicide of Grand Jury resistor Chelsea Manning, a Federal judge ordered the release of Manningand other Grand Jury resistor, hacktivist, and political prisoner Jeremy Hammond. While released from detention, Manning was still ordered to pay exorbitant fines, while Hammond is returned to Federal custody to complete his sentence.

Ongoing Cases

After a 3-day trial in early March, immigration activist and co-founder of the FANG Collective, Sherrie Andre was found guilty and sentenced to 30 days in jail for trespassing and disturbing the peace.

Accused Eco-Prisoner Joseph Dibee has faced constant strugglessince his capture in 2018. After being attacked by another inmate, Dibee could use some support and solidarity. While he is transferred often, letters to Joseph should be addressed to:

Joseph Dibee, #812133
11540 NE Inverness Dr
Portland, OR 97220

The COVID-19 crisis underscores the need to release political prisoner Leonard Peltier. More information can be found herehere and here. Write Peltier:

Leonard Peltier, #89637-132
USP Coleman I
PO Bo 1033
Coleman, FL 33521


Political prisoner and vegan anarchist Eric King continues to fight trumped up charges which threaten him with an additional 20 years in Federal prison. You can donate to Eric’s fundraising efforts here, and learn more about Eric and his case here. Also, check out an important new piece by Ella Fassler about Eric King and the repression that anti-fascists are facing in prisons and jails across the country.

Anarchist prisoner Michael Kimble is fundraising for a new legal pushfor his release. See Kimble’s new address in the Transfers section below.

Making that transition from prison to the outside can be a very difficult switch. Any support that we can provide goes a long way towards showing solidarity with those who gave up so much fighting for our freedoms. Here’s a list of places to donate that directly support recently released political prisoners as well as those inside approaching release.

Chuck Africa
Debbie and Mike Africa
Janet and Janine Africa
Delbert Africa
Eddie Africa
Nina Droz Franco
Connor Stevens
Ramsey Orta


Michael Kimble, #138017/G1-24A
Easterling Correctional Facility
200 Wallace Dr
Clio, AL 3601

In Case You Missed It

There is a call to action in support of political prisoner Bomani Shakurfor April. Shakur is widely known for his alleged involvement in the Lucasville prison uprising, which took place 27 years ago this month.

San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin speaks to The New Yorker about his father, political prisoner and Certain Days collective member David Gilbert, and the growing threat of COVID-19 amongst an aging prison population.

moving new essay by Elena Carter about departed political prisoner Mondo we Langa and the impact that he had on her life.

new and insightful essay by Heather Gray about current political prisoner Jamil Al-Amin (formerly H. Rap Brown), marking the 20thanniversary of his wrongful imprisonment.

Migrants detained at the Laval Immigration Detention Centre in Quebec, Canada have launched an indefinite hunger strike to demand their release in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Like other prisoners across Canada and around the world, they are demanding to be released for their own safety.

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Certain Days To Keep In Mind

April is full of radical dates that stand as poignant reminders of how history impacts and effects current movements for change. The anniversaries of the Zapatista uprising in San Andres, the Ludlow Massacre, and the fall of Saigon are interspersed with reminders of the founding of the Sacred Stone camp at Standing Rock and the murder of young Black Panther Bobby Hutton. We hope that these significant dates in movement history serve as inspiration as we continue the struggle for a better world.

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Olympia, WA: Phone-Zap Demanding Release Of Thurston County Prisoners Amid Covid-19 Crisis

By Puget Sound Anarchists

Call For Phone-Zap Campaign In Olympia, Washington At The Olympia City Jail On Monday. Originally Posted To Puget Sound Anarchists.

We are calling on officials at Olympia City Jail, Thurston County Corrections Facility, Thurston County Juvenile Detention Center, and Cedar Creek Corrections Center to release all persons currently being held at those facilities.

It is our belief that all forms of incarceration are an assault on the dignity and humanity of those in its cages. In this unprecedented time it is of utmost importance that all people be allowed to keep themselves safe, to practice necessary measures to prevent the community spread of COVID-19. This is impossible while Thurston County continues to hold people in jails, Juvenile Detention Center and Cedar Creek Corrections Center. It is impossible to practice “social distancing” while incarcerated in jail or prison. It is imperative for the inmates and anyone who could be affected by the spread of Covid-19 that everyone be released from Olympia City Jail, Thurston County Corrections Facility, Thurston County Juvenile Detention Center, and Cedar Creek Corrections Center.

Thurston county has reduced the inmate population slightly in recent days but 285 human beings remain in Thurston County Correctional Facility. Full release of all those incarcerated is the only acceptable measure to adequately address this public health crisis. DOC staff and inmates in other Washington facilities have tested positive for Covid-19 as have jail inmates in other counties. To force people to remain inside these facilities is tantamount to locking the cells and walking away as the flood waters rise.

Call in to demand the immediate release of all those incarcerated in Thurston County!

Call these numbers to demand that Thurston County release the people held in its jails and halt all new admissions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Failing to release prisoners now will be paid for in human lives, and we refuse to abandon our neighbors and loved ones to die in cells.

Who To Call:

Ramiro Chavez
County Manager
(360) 786-5440

Thurston County Prosecutor
Jon Tunheim

Thurston County Jail
extension 4 for Medical

Thurston County Sheriff’s Office
extension 0


“My name is ______, and I am a Thurston County resident deeply concerned about the safety of the city’s incarcerated people during the COVID-19 pandemic. Incarcerated people have a unique vulnerability to disease due to their crowded living conditions and lack of access to adequate medical care. For humanitarian reasons as well as reasons of public health, we call for the immediate release of all people in Olympia City Jail, Thurston County Corrections Facility, Thurston County Juvenile Detention Center and Cedar Creek Corrections Center. It is also of utmost importance to immediately halt any further arrests or detention as this pandemic and state of emergency continue. Ignoring incarcerated people in this crisis will result in an acceleration of the pandemic and the unnecessary death of Thurston County Residents. We refuse to abandon our neighbors and loved ones to die in lockup.”

If you call and get through let us know what they said at

Join the call to divest from the state and the banking system which subsidize and protect mass incarceration and prison slavery by switching to cryptocurrency today. Take the pledge to exchange at least $1 per day into your choice of altcoin and help #DivestWallStreet

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This Week In Fascism #52: Neo-Nazi Plot To Attack Hospital; New Chair Of Young Republicans Has Far-Right Ties

By This Week In Fascism

Welcome, fellow antifascists!

This week, we’ve got a neo-Nazi killed by the FBI while trying to bomb a hospital in a coronavirus-related attack, a Proud Boys affiliate becoming the new Chair of the Young Republicans, evidence that “former” neo-Nazi Jeff Schoep never actually stopped being a neo-Nazi, doxxes of members of the Feuerkrieg Division, the Proud Boys, and the KKK.

Without further ado, let’s begin!


Neo-Nazi Who Tried To Bomb Missouri Hospital Had Ties To National Socialist Movement, Vonherrschaft Division, And Feuerkrieg Division

Timothy Wilson was killed by the FBI on Tuesday, after attempting to set off a car bomb at a Kansas hospital.

Shortly after news of his death was announced, an investigation by journalist Nick Martin and Elon University researcher Megan Squirerevealed that he was an active member of the Telegram chats for neo-Nazi groups the National Socialist Movement and the Vonherrschaft Division, where he posted under the handle “Werwolfe 84.”

Anthony Petruccelli with Theodor Junker, a former SS soldier

After Bowl Patrol leader “Vic Mackey” informed the NSM chat that Wilson was a member, NSM member Anthony Petruccelli repliedwith “R.I.P. Tim. Your a ‘Solid Brother.’ I’ll See You Someday in Valhalla 88.” Petruccelli has a number of connections to the broader far-Right, selling official t-shirts and marching with a Super Happy Fun America banner at Boston’s Straight Pride Parade, attending a Connecticut banner drop organized by Patriot Front leader Kieran Morris, and serving as a mentor for the New England members of The Base.

Former NSM leader Jeff Schoep, who claims to have renounced his neo-Nazi past, tweeted “#Extremist plan to #bomb Missouri Hospital. Thankful this was stopped! COVID19 #coronavirus #terrorism.” However, he quickly began blocking commenters who pointed out that recent Sines v. Kessler filings reveal that he’s still involved with the group, warning them about people he believes to be federal informants, and that Schoep’s girlfriend still runs the NSM website. (H/t to researcher Shawn Breen.)

Wilson had been under FBI surveillance for months, following the September 2019 arrest of Feuerkrieg and Misanthropic Division member William Jarrett Smith, whom Wilson provided bomb-making instructions to. Smith, an Army Private in Kansas, was arrested for planning attacks against former Presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke, CNN offices, and the home of I Don’t Speak Germanpodcaster Daniel Harper.

Three Percenter Sentenced To 25 Years For Planned Bombing Of Oklahoma City Bank

Jerry Varnell, a 26-year-old member of the Three Percenter militia movement, was sentenced to 25 years this week for the attempted bombing of an Oklahoma City bank.

In 2017, Varnell attempted to copy Timothy McVeigh’s deadly 1995 attack on the Alfred P. Murray Federal Building that killed 168 people. Following an undercover operation by federal investigators, Varnell attempted to detonate what he believed to be a half-ton ammonium nitrate explosive device packed into a van outside the Oklahoma City BancFirst building.

Buckey Wolfe, Proud Boy Who Killed His Brother With A Sword, Found Not Guilty By Reason Of Insanity

Buckey Wolfe, a former Proud Boy, was found Not Guilty By Reason of Insanity this week, after killing his brother with a sword in January 2019. Wolfe believed that his brother was a “lizard person,” an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory advanced by David Icke.

While the Proud Boys claimed that Wolfe was never a member in an official statement on their website, Wolfe’s social media shows him taking the pledge required of First Degree members in February 2018, protesting with Proud Boys members at far-Right rallies in the Pacific Northwest, and interacting with members of the Proud Boys.

Additionally, a May 2018 report from his psychiatrist noted that Wolfe was “[e]njoying his time spent in the Proud Boy movement… [h]e feels less lonely and more involved now that he meets with the Proud Boys.”

Proud Boys Supporter Gavin Wax Appointed Chair Of The Young Republican National Federation

Gavin Wax, the President of the New York Young Republican Club, was recently appointed Chair of the Young Republican National Federation, more commonly known as the Young Republicans.

In October 2018, Wax organized Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes’ speech at the Metropolitan Republican Club in Manhattan, where McInnes reenacted the murder of a Japanese socialist. Shortly after the speech, a group of ten Proud Boys and supporters surrounded three protesters and attacked them. Those charged with the attack included Wax’s co-organizer, Jake Freijo, who pleaded guilty to the assault, as well as Maxwell Hare and John Kinsman, who were convicted after their attorney argued that the Manhattan DA’s office had engaged in a conspiracy with antifascists. Hare and Kinsman are currently serving four years for their roles in the beating.

The Schpiel

Wax currently serves as the publisher of The Schpiel, a far-Right site whose Twitter account threatened to lynch Shaun King and suggested that Trump suspend elections and institute martial law in 2018. The account was eventually banned in 2019.

Wax has used his tenure as President of the Young Republicans to organize speeches by Michelle Malkin, who has long contributed to the white nationalist site VDARE since 2002 and recently voiced her support and spoke alongside Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes. Wax has also supported anti-Islam activist Pamela Geller, who has frequently aligned herself with white nationalists; as well as Alt-Lite personalities Jack Posobiec and Joey Salads.

“Former” National Socialist Movement Leader Jeff Schoep Hasn’t Left The Neo-Nazi Movement

Idavox, the news site of the One People’s Project, reported Jeff Schoep, the former leader of the neo-Nazi National Socialist Movement, appears to still be involved in the group, despite claims that he’s renounced the far-Right.

Recent filings in Sines v. Kessler, the lawsuit over Unite the Right, show that not only has Schoep consistently failed to produce the documents the court has requested from him, but that he maintains contact with Burt Colucci, the current leader of the NSM, to warn him about federal infiltration. Additionally, Schoep’s girlfriend, Acacia Dietz, still edits the NSM website and is listed as the registered agentfor the NSM’s nonprofit license.

Since claiming to have left the National Socialist Movement, Schoep has been working with “countering violent extremism” group Light Upon Light, headed by Jesse Morton, a former Al Qaeda recruiter turned FBI informant. In a statement written for Light Upon Light, Schoep attacked deplatforming efforts by antifascists, claiming that they lead to violence.

Despite these claims of reform, Schoep has recently been working with The Clarion Project, an anti-Islam organization designated as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.


“Swerveinstinct,” Feuerkrieg Division Member In New Brunswick, Canada

Eugene Antifa exposed Feuerkrieg Division’s “Swerveinstinct,” a Security Guard at a mall in New Brunswick, Canada. In the fall of 2019, he flyered a local university to recruit for the neo-Nazi accelerationist group.

In the fall of 2019, the group suffered the arrests of several of its members, including Conor Climo, who planned to bomb Anti-Defamation League offices and a gay nightclub in Las Vegas, and William Jarrett Smith, who planned attacks against Beto O’Rourke, CNN, and podcaster Daniel Harper, but did not slow its recruiting.

However, now that independent media outlet Unicorn Riot has published the leaked chats of the group, FKD members are jumping ship. Eugene Antifa reported that the North American branch is currently five members, four of whom are in the United States.

Robert Timothy Dickenson, KKK Supporter In Hiawassee, Georgia

Atlanta Antifascists identified Robert Timothy Dickenson, of Hiawassee, Georgia, this week, as a supporter of the Ku Klux Klan and a core member of white supremacist group, American Patriots USA, which is led by long time white nationalist organizer, Chester Doles.

Dickensen attended the October 2019 Gold Rush Parade, accompanying the American Patriots USA float, wearing an International Keystone Knights of the Ku Klux Klan sweatshirt. Based on social media posts from Doles, Dickensen may also be tied to the Christian Identity movement in Hiawassee.

If you have additional information on Dickensen, please contact Atlanta Antifascists.

Aaron Matthew Sturm, Proud Boy In Lapeer, Michigan

Vigilant AFA exposed Aaron Matthew Sturm, a Proud Boy in Lapeer, Michigan.

In August 2019, Sturm attended a Proud Boys rally outside the Farmington Holocaust Memorial Center, where the group flashed white nationalist symbols.

Any tips on Sturm can be DM’d to @AfaVigilant.

Lewis Lafever, Proud Boy In Northglenn, Colorado

Death Cab for Scooby exposed Lewis Lafever, a Proud Boy in Northglenn, Colorado.

Kevin Stover, Proud Boy In Denver, Colorado

Antifa Garfield exposed Kevin Stover, a Proud Boy in Denver, Colorado, one of the administrators of the Proud Boys’ Mass Reporting and Retweet Telegram channel. Despite the Proud Boys’ claim that they believe in absolute free speech, the goal of the channel is to support the far-Right by getting antifascist researchers and journalists kicked off of Twitter.

In November, journalist Elizabeth King wrote about getting banned from Twitter after a mass reporting campaign from the hate group. Two weeks ago, the channel claimed credit for the suspension of the Twitter account for the Jewish Worker, an independent leftist publication.

The channel has also expressed its support for Chris “Crying Nazi” Cantwell; neo-Nazi accelerationist group The Base, three of whose members are currently facing attempted murder charges in Georgia; the Iron March forum that birthed the Atomwaffen Division, linked to five murders; the Ku Klux Klan; neo-Nazi group Patriot Front; white nationalist group Identity Evropa/American Identity Movement; and the neo-Nazi Shieldwall Network.

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Between Eviction, Infection, And Refusal: What You Need To Know About The April 1st Rent Strike & How To Plug In

By It’s Going Down

On April 1st, while corporate retailers skip on payments and homeowners are allowed to wave mortgages, millions of renters will be expected to pay their rent. Even before the current pandemic and ensuing economic meltdown, cities and towns across the US have been experiencing rising rents and intensifying gentrification. This housing crisis has forced many workers out of their homes and into their vehicles and flooded the ranks of the houseless.

Now millions are without work, income, or savings; ordered to “shelter in place” by government decree as the US now leads the world in COVID-19 infections and hospitals begin to become overwhelmed. As corporations and industries are poised to receive literally trillions in bailoutsTrump is now pushing for us all to return to work; a move which threatens millions of lives.

As renters, we are faced with an uncertain future. We can attempt to stop the spread of the virus by staying home, hoping that our meager savings will hold out or simply rack up debt; we can become homeless and take our chances out on the streets or in our cars (if we have one); or when Trump decides, risk becoming infected – or infecting our loved ones, by attempting to find work.

But there is another option. As a class of people who rent, we can come together in mass numbers and fight back through the one power we do have: the power of refusal. This is both a refusal to pay our rents, to leave our homes, but more over, the refusal to leave each other behind.

Across the US, Canada, and beyond – people are doing just that. On April 1st, people are going on rent strike. Some by choice, others because they have no other option. Organizers in different cities pushing the strike argue that as so many are on the verge of homelessness and infection, we are in a much safer place when we organize together and strike.

Here’s an FAQ rundown of just what’s going down on April 1st.

What’s Happening April 1st?

On April 1st there is a call for tenants to refuse to pay their rent – but moreover, it is to demand for rent cancellation. Already, some tenants have already answered the call and have stated publicly that they will not be paying rent. In many cities, autonomous groups have sprung up, organizing tenants and pushing publicly for a rent strike. In other cities, established groups of tenant organizations are calling for a strike. Lastly, many groups of tenants are coming together on their own, outside of any public organization.

As we speak, both corporate parties are pushing through a massive bailout of trillions of dollars to various corporations and industries, affected by the coronavirus pandemic. What do we get? A whopping one-time check of $1,200 which will arrive – at some pointJust like in 2008, working and poor people are the ones who will be forced to pay for this crisis while the rich get bailed out, with our money.

social distancing rent strike meeting

— baby they/them (@cryingonthecta) March 25, 2020

On April 1st, millions of people who are out of work and who could barely afford to pay their rents before the COVID-19 crisis, will now be faced with homelessness at a time when the United States is leading the world in coronavirus infections. While some city and State governments have passed eviction moratoriums, this simply means that tenants will be placed into further debt after the crisis is over. This is not a solution.

Already, across the US and the world, workers, prisoners, and community members are standing up to say that the exploited and excluded will not pay for the collapse of capitalism. By joining together, we can demand in a united voice:

Collective immunity from COVID-19 and its sweeping effects. Rent striking is a way to address the mounting debt and expenses that millions of working families will face as a result of reduced hours or unemployment during the COVID-19 outbreak. The rent strikers demand No Paying–No Debt to survive.

What Is A Rent Strike?

A rent strike is a collective refusal by tenants of a building, housing project, or dwelling to pay rent to their landlord. Often, groups of tenants have set demands that they want addressed, such as: unfair rents, unmade repairs, or an end to harassment by management.

The Harlem Rent Strike from 1963-1964 fought against poor maintenance and services.

Throughout history, rent strikes have been a tactic utilized by renters to combat slumlords, racism and attacks on civil rights, high rents, and also secure and defend housing for poor and working people in times of crisis, pandemic, and economic depression.

In recent years in the face of the growing housing crisis, rent strikes have grow in popularity in larger cities as a tactic utilized by renters to fight back against predatory landlords. Organizations such as the LA Tenants Union and Parkdale Organize have mobilized to back massive rent strikes which have resulted in key victories for tenants. Occupations of vacant housing, such as the recent occupation organized by Moms 4 Housing in Oakland, CA, have also resulted in victories.

Who Is Calling For The Strike?

There are a wide variety of autonomous groups, organizations, networks, and individuals who are pushing for the rent strike. This includes:

Hasn’t The Government Called Off Evictions?

In short, the government is some areas has placed a moratorium on evictions. This means simply that for a set amount of time, they agree to not evict anyone who can’t pay their rent, but they still expect you to pay it at a later date and in a timely manner. This means more debt and more payment of money you don’t have.

As 5 Demands, an online rent strike hub, wrote:

Current moratoriums on evictions and utility shut offs protect you from immediate threat of losing your home or having your utilities shut off, as long as those moratoriums are in place. Your landlord can’t file for eviction for non-payment during the moratorium and the utility companies can’t turn off your water or electricity. You can use the money you’ve kept on the immediate things you need, like medicine and food. The moratoriums alone don’t prevent you from owing back-payment once they lifted, though. That’s why we are pushing for a rent and debt cancellation, so millions of people are not facing insurmountable debt on the other end of this crisis. We also know that millions of people organized and united in refusing to pay will overwhelm court and eviction symptoms, which have a finite capacity.

To see a full map of areas with eviction moratoriums, go here.

Won’t The Government Give People Aid?

The current relief bill gives a one-time check of $1,200 to each person who qualifies. It is unknown when these checks will arrive. As many have pointed out, this small amount of money will most likely be directly handed over to landlords and debt collectors. This isn’t a bailout, but a slush fund for corporations and property holders.

As the group, Tenant and Neighborhood Councils (TANC) wrote:

The government has neglected to provide people with a way to live, even as the state offers businesses generous loans and bailouts to get through the crisis. If the government will not help us, then we must take matters into our own hands.

Absent any provision for lost wages and our collective health, this shelter-in-place order is just another instance of cruelty. Enough! If the government will not ensure our wellbeing, then we must organize to defend ourselves.

If we have no wages, then we cannot be expected to pay rent. We demand rent suspensions from every landlord effective immediately. The fact that anybody has to fear being evicted because of their inability to pay rent during a global health pandemic demonstrates the utter wickedness of this system. During this crisis, rent must be completely forgiven; there should be no expectation to pay it now, or “back pay” it in the future.

Beyond that, Trump has doubled down on his push to return people to work by mid-April. As the US already leads the world in Coronavirus infections, many have argued that such a return would lead to the deaths of potentially hundreds of thousands of people – which would of course result in a tanked economy regardless.

But Trump knows that with the economy on the rocks, his chances for re-election are low – so he’s banking on restarting the economy by forcing people to return to work. And what a better way to jump-start GDP, than with a desperate workforce terrified of eviction – even if it means they will be potentially infected with the coronavirus.

In short, we are being forced to pay for this crisis with more than just our money: but our very lives.

Won’t A Rent Strike Hurt Landlords?

Simply put, for middle-class landlords who rent out extra property, there are simply more protections from foreclosure than there are for renters. Homeowners across the US are getting federal mortgage relief and HUD has also called for a halt on foreclosuresAccording toNPR, homeowners can also have their “mortgage payments reduced or suspended for up to 12 months.” In cities like New York, there is currently a moratorium on mortgages for 90 days, while in California, those paying a mortgage will be given a grace period.

It should also be noted that many corporate retail stores are also not able to pay rent and are currently working with landlords to pay reduced or restructured rent – or in some cases even given grace periods.

For renters, these protections do not exist – our only way forward is through collective action. As Parkdale Organize wrote:

Landlords’ resources will allow them to withstand the COVID-19 pandemic better than most, while tenants are more and more concerned with our daily survival. The government has already announced financial support and mortgage suspensions for businesses and landlords. By keeping our rent we will have more money for groceries, medicine, disinfectant supplies, and other basic necessities. Our landlords will be fine without our rent. We may not be.

How Can I Plug Into The Rent Strike?

The best way to is link up with a group that already exists. If one doesn’t in your area, contact the one closest to you. Check out the next section for how to organize.

You can also call this hotline and talk to organizers who will help you find local initiatives and resources for your strike:

WEB: 5 Demands Global
CALL: (312) 883-4677
TEXT: (316) 742-0167


Atlanta Survival Program

Rent Strike ATX | 512-200-7750

Rent Strike Carbondale

Autonomous Tenants Union
Chicago Medical Autonomy
Tenants United

Denver Rent Strike COVID-19
Colorado Rent Strike and Eviction Defense

Can’t Pay Won’t Pay DURM

Flagstaff Rent Strike

Rent Strike IE

Rent Strike Kingston

Rent Strike London

LA Tenants Union

Madison Rent Strike 2020

Rent Strike Twin Cities | (763) 294-5592

Greve des Loyers

COVID-19 Rent Strike

Olympia Assembly

COVID-19 Rent Strike Ottawa | +1 (353) 883-5608

Philadelphia Tenants Union

PDX Rent Strike

Eagle Mill Rent Strike | 804-554-4032
Pollard & Bagby Tenants Council
Richmond Tenants Defense Council

Bay Area Rent Strike
Station 40
Tenant and Neighbor Council
Oakland Tenants Union
SF Eviction Defense Collaborative
Tenants Together

Drop Rent Santa Cruz

Seattle Rent Strike

STL Rent Strike

Parkdale Organize

Where Can I Get Organizing Resources?

How Can I Support The Rent Strike?

Join the call to divest from the state and the banking system which uphold statist property titles by switching to cryptocurrency today. Take the pledge to exchange at least $1 per day into your choice of altcoin and help #DivestWallStreet

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Immunity For All—Invitation To A Strike: A Poster And A Call For Collective Self-Defense

By CrimethInc. Ex-Workers Collective

CrimethInc. Brings Us Texts, Posters, And More On The Upcoming Rent Strike On April 1st.

As the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic kicks in, grassroots momentum is building around the United States, Canada, and worldwide for a mass refusal to pay rent, mortgage, and loans. This April, millions of people won’t be able to afford their bills regardless of whether they want to pay. Like the pandemic, this is the inevitable consequence of a system that wasn’t designed to keep us safe in the first place. The virus threatens our lives—but it also threatens the social order that was already making our lives impossible.

From our perspective, the most pressing thing is to defend those who do not pay against eviction and other negative consequences. If we fail to come together to defend each other, those who hold power will isolate, betray, and destroy us one after another. Reach out to your neighbors. Build defense groups. Identify local pressure points. Talk tactics. Be creative. Prepare to stop the evictions by any means necessary. The more people who participate, the safer all of us will be. Together, we can overwhelm the courts and sheriffs that enforce the special privileges of the rich.

Here, we present a poster and two texts about the rent strike: the first from participants in a group offering countrywide coordination for the strike, the second from anarchists involved in rent strike organizing on the West Coast. To learn more about the rent strike and how to participate, start here.

Immunity for all: a poster supporting the rent strike. Go here to print and download.

Immunity For All: In Defense Of Home

In the 21st century, the feeling of home has become an increasingly precarious and temporary experience.

Some sleep on trains or on the streets; for those who dwell within walls of cardboard, even that narrow layer of comfort may be snatched away by the police at any moment. Others rent boxes of wood and drywall, in which the feeling of home is interrupted by monthly reminders that we are only paying to linger on someone else’s property; the following month’s rent starts looming as soon as the impact of this month’s payment wears off. In a grander sense, all the living things on this planet share the feeling of losing our home as industrial capitalism progressively renders it uninhabitable. A billion dead animals strewn across Australia as smoke blots out the sky overhead—pools of black oil floating on water—an island of plastic in the ocean: these catastrophic scenes of increasing frequency and magnitude imply that soon the earth may not be able to offer us a home anywhere.

The COVID-19 pandemic is one of these catastrophes. Yet it has driven home to us the importance of home. Repeatedly washing our hands and continuously suppressing the impulse to touch our faces returns our attention to our bodies. Wiping down surfaces and doorhandles reminds us of all the ways our physical presence inescapably overlaps with the presence of others. Our failure to contain the proliferation of an infinitesimal piece of information—30 kilobases of RNA within a viral envelope—underscores the fact that genetic matter has always been a kind of commons. In this crisis, we are compelled to recognize that like it or not, we are in this together.

This is the foundation on which we must build a new sense of home. The home is a structure that supports life, a place of comfort and privacy, a place where we don’t have to work. Our homes offer us immunity from the countless forces acting upon us. In the face of a pandemic, when we “shelter in place” so as not to spread the virus, the greatest threats to our immunity are the forces that seek to rob us of our homes. With unemployment anticipated at a staggering 20% due to the pandemic, we must confront the property relations that subject our homes to the pressures of leases and mortgages.

Our first line of defense is immunity from the landlords and developers who expect a full return on their investment even as the economy collapses. We need immunity from the bill collectors, from the courts issuing eviction orders, from the police carrying them out. We need immunity for the patients issued $40,000 bills for emergency medical care to treat COVID-19. We need immunity for prisoners, immigrants, and asylum seekers all over the world who are condemned to sickness and likely death while they are trapped in what cages that will never be homes. We need immunity for all.

This April, countless people will refuse to pay rent and, with this single gesture, give new meaning to “herd immunity.” Viruses have always played an evolutionary role as vectors of information transfer across species and kingdoms; they are masters at synchronizing ecologies. What is possible if we synchronize our actions into a collective refusal? Let us commit together to defend this place we call home.

Invitation To A Strike

“My imagination makes me human and makes me a fool; it gives me all the world and exiles me from it.”

-Ursula K. LeGuin

“I’d prefer not to.”


“The tradition of the oppressed teaches us that the ‘emergency situation’ in which we live is the rule. We must arrive at a concept of history which corresponds to this. Then it will become clear that the task before us is the introduction of a real state of emergency; and our position in the struggle against fascism will thereby improve.”

-Walter Benjamin

We are not paying rent on April 1. We cannot afford to. We already barely could. Rent: our monthly contribution to the fallacy that the homes we inhabit on stolen land are owned by our landlords, to whom we are indebted simply for being alive. Now, when our very existence as a species is in question, we cannot endure the nightmare of that relationship.

Over the past decade, insurrections that toppled regimes have been defeated by the global gentrification of the cities. Rebels in cities around the world have bowed to the increasing cost of living and the soul-draining attrition of work. Our lives have become unending hustles. They’re pumping a trillion dollars a day into the banks to keep them afloat. Daily applications for unemployment throughout the so-called United States are already surpassing those at the peak of the financial crisis that preceded the occupation movements. In California, the association of apartment owners sent a letter to its constituents advising landlords to freeze rents, work with tenants to establish payment plans, and suspend evictions. Yet city governments are offering only paltry protections for renters. Capitalists have announced their willingness to sacrifice us en masse on the altar of the economy. They want us back to work already.

Our enemies are afraid. They know a storm is coming. Something has to give.

On April 1, an unprecedented wave of us will simply not pay our rent. Some will do this in solidarity. Some will do this as their only option. Some will do this as an entire building or as an entire block. Some will go it alone. This strike does not belong to activists, organizers, or militants. It belongs to all of us, to everyone who simply cannot or will not bear the burden of this crisis. It belongs to everyone who won’t pay, who won’t take on more debt, to all who will affirm each other in saying “no.” To all who love and protect each other.

We have already been on strike.

Some of us have gone on strike in prisons, in lecture halls, in the streets and at the ports. Now we are striking from our homes. The same way we went on strike after the pandemic of 1918, just as we went on strike after the bubonic plague. After those disasters, they couldn’t keep us at work, they couldn’t stop our free movement, and we discovered the formulas which allowed us to expropriate from the rich the wealth they hoarded even in death—that equalizing force. Infinite new possibilities for life have suddenly become thinkable for countless people who are only just now imagining a life outside the economy. There has never been so pressing a need for our imagination, our energetic attention.

The same progressive politicians who defanged the word abolitionare already trying to appropriate the language of mutual aid. They know the state cannot save us. If mutual aid is in fact a factor in evolution, then the ways that it has spread far and wide are already transforming us. When this is over, the authorities will tell us that we only survived because of their control; liberals are already applauding the new authoritarianism in the name of the common good. Yet we know that what really keeps us alive is our care for each other.

The virus threatens our lives, but it also threatens the social order that was making them impossible. Rent, work, fares, debt, insurance—all the scams we were born into as marks—let the virus freeze them. We’ll drink fire and tend our hearths to wait out the cold.

And spring is upon us. With April Fool’s Day, spring arrives in earnest: a renewal, a jubilee, a suspension, a reversal, a cosmic joke—but not on us. The fool’s journey opens the way to the world. The inevitable non-payment of countless debts will be our first blow against the world of measure and control. This is the easiest thing we can do. In the face of disease, begin with ease, grace, rest.

If work itself is killing us, the strike cannot be more work. April 1 is not a day of action. On that day, sleep in, call your friends, kiss your love, read, meditate, drink water, and get ready. That day is a small key which opens a large door. The managers of the coastal cities are already beta-testing the new normal, but the cards are still being dealt. The crisis isn’t over until we decide it is. Now, when everything is at stake, our collective refusal to play their game is our greatest weapon.

The old world will not give us all we require. How could it? Health, rest, a world without debt or prisons, home—we who step through this door will have to find these things for ourselves. We must understand the strike in the broadest possible terms.

We are not afraid of ruins. Today, when our futures have been cancelled, this time together may be all we have. We won’t be returning to normal. We will be the ones to shape what comes next. Set down your burden. You need not face this alone. We are striking out. With so much distance between us, it’s time to activate everything that connects.

Islands in the stream
That is what we are
No one in between
How can we be wrong
Sail away with me
To another world
And we rely on each other,
ah ha

Don’t pay. We won’t either. They can’t evict us all. We’ll give them hell if they try.

We know how to survive a plague.

La salute è in voi! — Health is in you!

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